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Sprint says Xohm delayed until the launch reaches its expectations

The long-term outlook for WiMax and Sprint is getting cloudier. The Dow Jones Newswire reports that Sprint has further delayed the rollout of its Xohm WiMax service. Originally, Sprit promised to launch Xohm this month and now Sprint spokesman James Fisher says the service will come later this year.

Rumors at CTIA suggest that the service will launch later in the summer, but no official confirmation of that rumor has come from Sprint. Sprint’s Xohm WiMax service appeared to be doomed from the start. What was once supposed to be a $5 billion investment in a nationwide WiMax network was cut back to a three city soft launch.

Fisher says that the soft launch of the Xohm service in the three test cities -- Chicago, Washington D.C., and Baltimore -- is going well. Fisher goes on to say, “We want to make sure the launch meets our expectation."

It’s no surprise that with the layoffs and falling margins Sprint is seeing that it would want to be sure the service gets the interest of consumers in the test markets.

Sprint was a virtual no show at CTIA with the only announcement being one new phone. Many show goers were expecting big announcements on the WiMax front. Nokia has to feel left out in the cold after announcing its new N810 WiMax at the show and now having virtually no U.S. network for the device to operate on.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint is in talks with cable companies for additional funding for the Xohm rollout and is also said to be considering creating a separate company with Clearwire to peddle WiMax. The future for WiMax is only getting murkier as rival wireless companies back 4G technology called Long-Term Evolution.

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Sprint WiMax == bad idea
By winterspan on 4/3/2008 9:26:44 PM , Rating: 2
Unfortunately I think Sprint's WiMax is going to be a disaster. It's too little to late, and it just won't compare to 700mhz LTE/HSPA+/HSOPA that will be rolled out in a couple of years. It's hardly even better than regular 3G.

Verizon already has EVDO Rev.A rolled out nationally with great coverage, and they are already in the testing phase with LTE.
AT&T is quickly getting their HSPA network rolled out to the rest of the top ~100 markets and should be in 250 cities in 2008. I'm sure it'll be quickly followed by LTE in another 2 years.

RE: Sprint WiMax == bad idea
By cocoviper on 4/3/2008 11:41:22 PM , Rating: 2
I guess I'm just having trouble understanding what you mean by "too little, too late."

Sprint has problems with customer service that we can all agree on- but when it comes to network performance, Sprint's current EVDO-A is bar none the fastest wireless data plan out there- so currently Sprint is faster than AT&T and Verizon (and T-Mobile's craptastic data plans).

Now it seems like you're saying it's too little to compete with LTE which I'll completely agree with, LTE is going to be pretty fast...BUT it's also far more experimental than WiMax and there won't be any substantial rollouts of LTE till the 2010-2011 timeframe. So how can deploying something 2 years sooner than LTE be too late? Unless you mean they are deploying WiMax too late relative to current data plans...but then they would be rolling out tech that's 5-8 times faster than the fastest (Sprint's EVDO A) current wireless data service.

So how is it both too little and too late?

RE: Sprint WiMax == bad idea
By kknd1967 on 4/4/2008 2:56:33 AM , Rating: 2
3G is a joke, both in business sense and performance aspect. CDMA in 3G will be a funny thing when apply to a true 100MHz consecutive band sprint has for WiMAX. If you think WiMAX is hardly better than 3G, please consider why LTE also choose OFDMA as their physical layer technology as WiMAX does.

It is actually 3G too little too late, after years of hypes. That is why LTE comes to resuce. And it is funny that in order to hide their 3G failure, they call this OFDM-based new tech "long term evolution".

True, current mobile WiMAX is not 4G. Neither is LTE. They are both designed for ITU IMT-2000. It is WiMAX-16m and LTE+(release 9 or 10) that are target for 4G IMT-Adv.

Just see how 3G world is afraid of WiMAX, I am sending this reply from 3GPP RAN meeting in Shenzhen China. In order to speed up the process and close LTE spec by this year to compete with IEEE 802.16e that WiMAX is based on, 3GPP doubled their number of meetings per year and cut out many features from LTE rel.8 :p

RE: Sprint WiMax == bad idea
By casteve on 4/4/2008 11:00:39 AM , Rating: 2
Yeah - this is closer to the mark.

3G basestations are power pigs and inefficient users of bandwidth. WiMAX brings OFDM for data transmission and is MUCH more efficient in terms of bits/MHz of channel BW used as well as power usage.

Stepping away from the mobile phone aspect..In the big picture, Sprint wants to be another ISP and WiMAX can be an alternative to DSL or Cable for a large footprint of the (non-torrent I need 100MSPS portion of the)US.

"If they're going to pirate somebody, we want it to be us rather than somebody else." -- Microsoft Business Group President Jeff Raikes
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