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Microsoft data shows NVIDIA caused bulk of Vista crashes

When Windows Vista first hit market, some driver issues were to be expected as hardware manufacturers moved existing components to the new OS from Windows XP. As is natural for new items, the enthusiast community was among the first to embrace the new operating system.

The incompatibilities were part due to Vista incorporating Microsoft’s DirectX 10 promising better graphics and physics in PC games. At the time, the high-end G80 graphics cards were some of the most popular graphics cards on the market including the NVIDIA 8800 GTS, GTX, and Ultra.

NVIDIA had driver problems with of Vista and DirectX 10 from the get go and delayed their first driver from a December 2006 release to a January 2007 release. Even once the driver hit market, there were wide spread reports of crashes because of NVIDIA drivers.

The problem with reports of buggy drivers is that no one can really tell if the drivers are actually at fault, or if the computer experiencing the driver crash has some other underlying problem contributing to the crash.

As part of the ongoing Vista Capable class action lawsuit, Microsoft released data on exactly what drivers caused the bulk of logged Windows Vista crashes. The number one culprit of Vista crashes related to driver failure was NVIDIA at 28.8%. Microsoft only broke logged crashes out for a few companies including NVIDIA, Intel (8.8%) and ATI (9.3%). Microsoft’s data shows that it was responsible for 17.9% of logged crashes.

The main early adopters of Vista were PC enthusiasts; the hardware of choice for PC enthusiasts at the time was NVIDIA G80 GPUs so it would be natural that more crashes would be logged as caused by a NVIDIA driver. Ars Technica also points out that the Microsoft data doesn’t specify if the crashes logged are from multiple machines or a group of particularly error prone computers experiencing multiple crashes.

DailyTech reported on the original suit being filed in April 2007. The suit alleged that Microsoft knowingly deceived customers with Windows Vista. The suit was given class action status in February 2008.

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Nvidia makes more than just video cards.
By SavagePotato on 3/27/2008 12:43:23 PM , Rating: 1
The general tone of posts seem to be ignoring of the fact that Nvidia produces more than just graphics cards. Nvidias chipset driver situation I would wager was a bigger part of it than even their graphics drivers.

Having installed vista on my nforce4 based Amd system which was shortly replaced with an Intel p965 based system, I can attest that the Nvidia platform performed much poorer at launch by far. Raid data was being corrupted regularly, overall performance was clearly affected, and 64bit performance was notably poorer. Having switched to an Intel chipset was a night and day improvement.

Nvidias later driver offerings were also a night and day improvement, but they dropped the ball without question.

There are so many would be technicians crawling around with just barely enough knowledge to build a system and install the OS, whining and sniveling that vista is evil. Whining and sniveling simply because they lack the ability to properly identify hardware conflicts and driver issues that lead to system instability.

Vista is by far more stable than XP was when it was released, people that don't have the skills to properly set up a system should be looking for a dummies book instead of making an ass of themselves and bashing the OS for their inadequacies.

By mindless1 on 3/29/2008 3:17:01 PM , Rating: 2
YOu are very confused, nobody is saying run an unpatched early release of XP, they're contrasting a matured OS (XP) versus an immature Vista.

Vista will eventually be more mature and stable, through both OS fixes and driver fixes. Thing is, it ISN'T there yet so you are foolish to dismiss the obviousness of this.

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