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Multi-touch trackpad.
ASUS' Eee PC 900 is gets laid out on the autopsy table.

ASUS turned more than a few heads with its original Eee PC 401. The $399 device came out of nowhere and stole the hearts of many computer enthusiasts (and non-enthusiasts). Over time, ASUS released models that slotted under and above the original 4G model and added more colorful options.

Earlier this month, details began to leak on the Eee PC 900. The Eee PC 900 features an 8.9", 1024x600 display (up from a 7", 800x480 display) along with more SSD storage space (8GB for Windows XP, 12GB for Xandros Linux).

It was later revealed that the slightly larger Eee PC 900 will support HDDs in the future along with Intel's Diamondville-based Intel Atom processor for increased battery life and performance in comparison to the existing Celeron-M. "In the near future, we also are trying to support one-day computing which would provide more than 8 hours. I think in May we might be closer to providing that," said ASUS CEO Jerry Shen.

Other options that will come to the Eee PC lineup in the future include WiMAX and HSDPA.

Today, however, we were all greeted with a wealth of new information (and pictures) on the new Eee PC 900. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website is abuzz with a new entry detailing ASUS' latest and greatest. The FCC entry provides numerous pictures of the Eee PC 900 from the inside and the outside along with the device's user manual.

Perusing through the pictures and manuals, we learn that despite what ASUS' CEO previously mentioned, the power adapter used for the new Eee PC 900 is much larger than the original Eee PC 401. While not a deal-breaker for many people, it's something to take note of for travel purposes.

The internal photos also show that the Eee PC now has Bluetooth. This is a welcome addition for mobile warriors that use Bluetooth mice and don't want to carry around an addition Bluetooth dongle or RF dongle for traditional wireless mice.

Also new to the Eee PC 900 is what it calls "Multi-finger gesture input". This allows users to perform iPhone/iPod touch-esque gestures such as "pinching" to zoom in and out in applications.

If pricing holds firm at the previously reported $500 for the Eee PC 900, this could make quite a popular entry with consumers. Throw in the rumored touch screen and GPS and things could get really interesting.

Now if only ASUS could deliver on the original $199 promise...

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RE: Good but... eh...
By ImSpartacus on 3/26/2008 3:05:54 PM , Rating: 5
I disagree. The EEE is an excellent ultra portable, it is getting too expensive. It has its market, but the standard laptop market and the ultramobile start to mix when price begins to match up.

I don't know too many people that would pay 500$ for an ultramobile like the EEE. Most people I know would go for a standard notebook at that price.

On the other hand, you can't get a standard notebook 300$. that is where the EEE shines.

RE: Good but... eh...
By Brandon Hill on 3/26/2008 4:23:08 PM , Rating: 2
The Eee PC did well at $400. What's another $100 between friend for a larger screen and more storage?

RE: Good but... eh...
By Vanilla Thunder on 3/26/2008 4:30:26 PM , Rating: 5
I'm gonna have to go out on a limb and say that if this configuration of the EEE sells for $500, I will sell my soul to Scientology.


RE: Good but... eh...
By Brandon Hill on 3/26/2008 4:32:01 PM , Rating: 2

I'll be watching closely :)

RE: Good but... eh...
By Polynikes on 3/26/2008 11:54:41 PM , Rating: 3
Although he asked for it, I implore you to refrain from holding him to his promise. It would be despicable to wish that fate upon anyone.

RE: Good but... eh...
By RjBass on 3/28/2008 1:30:57 AM , Rating: 1

RE: Good but... eh...
By tastyratz on 3/27/2008 8:16:05 AM , Rating: 1
even still
look at the good ultra mobile platforms. The prices for them are astronomical. This isn't a mom n pop generic standard issue laptop. This is for a totally different market and for its intended audience it sold well because it was very competitive. People make it sound like it was anything but a resounding success.
I don't care if you can get a quad core sli raid laptop that will mow your lawn and brush your teeth for $100. Your not comparing miata's to mazdaspeed 3's. Your comparing SUV's to mopeds. If you don't have a need for an ultra compact mobile platform there's no reason you should even look at one and the sacrifices they come with.

"Well, there may be a reason why they call them 'Mac' trucks! Windows machines will not be trucks." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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