The "Phoenix" faceplate free from Red Octane  (Source: WiiNintendo)
Free guitar faceplate to those with mono Guitar Hero III for Wii

It’s not easy being a music rhythm gamer and only having a Wii. Not only are Guitar Hero III Wii players without access to downloadable songs, but their version of the game shipped with only monaural sound, despite advertising that it supports Dolby Pro Logic II.

Activision was slow to respond, only months later acknowledging the error and began a disc replacement program. To make things worse, game owners had to mail off their original game discs, being completely without Guitar Hero III until the replacement arrives.

Red Octane, one of the publishing partners of the Guitar Hero franchise, wants to make things right for Wii owners by sending off complimentary gifts. Special guitar faceplates are now appearing at the door steps of Guitar Hero III Wii owners who have requested a replacement.

While it’s disappointing that the “remastered” version of Guitar Hero III for Wii didn’t incorporate the downloadable content available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it’s nice to see Red Octane and Activision extend such a gesture to its fanbase.

Such care for its consumers will become more important than ever once Rock Band arrives on the Wii this summer, giving Guitar Hero III its first real competition for the system.

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