HTC's first phone to run Android codenamed "Dream"

Google's Android is the most anticipated mobile phone development in 2008. Since the formation of the Open Handset Alliance by Google, many of the technology industry's well-known contributors have joined the alliance to help push forward Google's dream of a truly open mobile platform, no pun intended, including HTC who already has a number of handsets in the works.

Past rumors have suggested that HTC has been planning an Android compatible handset based on HTC's prototype Omni model but HTC has not yet confirmed this. However, the Washington Post has acquired some details about the HTC offering from a contact close to the project. HTC has the potential to be the first mobile handset maker to produce an Android-based phone but Samsung is in the race as well and another source claims it will be close.

HTC's supposed Android phone will be called "Dream" and is planned to include features that will help the user take advantage of mobile messaging and email applications to the fullest including a full QWERTY keyboard that will either slide or swivel out.

The Dream will also feature a touch-screen to took full advantage of HTC's Touch-Flo overlay which, sources say, is poised for a revamp for Android. Navigation controls for browsing the Internet are said to be positioned below the screen. I think the phone to be used upright like a Pocket PC touchscreen phone but the final specifications may differ.

The dimensions of the phone are said to be 5 inches in length by 3 inches in width making it roughly a half inch larger on either axis compared to Motorola's Q 9x series and Samsung's Blackjack II smartphones. Details of thickness have not been released but will play a large factor on the level of this phone's success.

In the coming months and the upcoming Computex trade show, we may see a number of prototypes from the four mobile handset makers in the Open Handset Alliance, HTC especially.

Sources say the HTC is planning an end-of 2008 launch of the Android-based Dream and we're sure to hear more Google execs hype the Android platform to kick things off.

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