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China blocks YouTube in effort to prevent Tibetans from posting to YouTube

China annexed Tibet in 1950, and Tibet became a formal province of China in 1959. Today, a half-century later, Tibetan resistors are no longer fighting with protests in the streets, but with protests on the internet.

Websites like YouTube allow protestors to post videos of the uprising against China and of reported retaliation by the Chinese army.

With these new videos capturing audiences in hundreds of thousands, China blocked access to YouTube within the country. Some of the video depict protestors being killed in uprisings across the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Chinese authorities claim only 16 protestors have been killed. The real number is unknown as a New York Times blog reports that no one is being allowed to confirm the number of dead. Despite the YouTube blockade by China, a number of videos depicting the violence in the region have made their way to YouTube.

YouTube has been targeted by some governments recently for different issues. In America the problem with YouTube is the posting of copyrighted videos, though the website has never faced a state-sanctioned shut down for this reason.

China isn’t the only government attempting to block YouTube. Pakistan accidentally cut off YouTube and its entire country from the internet in February of 2008 when it made a series of mistakes while attempting to stop its citizens from watching anti-Islamic videos featured on the website.

Other countries with critical views of its leadership or state religion have also imposed temporary sanctions against YouTube, including Iran, Thailand, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.  Iran and the United Arab Emirates are the only two other countries that still impose bans on YouTube content.

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By lompocus on 3/29/2008 2:59:31 AM , Rating: 2
Well gosh, when a lot of people are dying I don't exactly think the Tibetans care if China is trying to help or not.

I'll highlight the facts for the guy you responded to (since I deal mainly with the idiots on this site):
-Lots of tibetans are dying
-China needed to send in its military
-You wouldn't want to visit tibet right now
-China needed to send in its military
-China has been actively trying to destroy Tibetan culture
-China needed to send in its military

And we ought to shoot you for endorsing a communist takeover of an independent nation.

I think this situation is a sharp contrast to what happened in Taiwan. With Taiwan, the culture that essentially migrated there after communist takeover of China was able to stop the Chinese. They received military aid to prevent China from invading.

I'm sure if Tibet had a good benefactor willing to help those people (tibetans), they'd be Taiwan 2.0. Do you think that's a bad thing? Shall we ship you off to Tibet?

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