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China blocks YouTube in effort to prevent Tibetans from posting to YouTube

China annexed Tibet in 1950, and Tibet became a formal province of China in 1959. Today, a half-century later, Tibetan resistors are no longer fighting with protests in the streets, but with protests on the internet.

Websites like YouTube allow protestors to post videos of the uprising against China and of reported retaliation by the Chinese army.

With these new videos capturing audiences in hundreds of thousands, China blocked access to YouTube within the country. Some of the video depict protestors being killed in uprisings across the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Chinese authorities claim only 16 protestors have been killed. The real number is unknown as a New York Times blog reports that no one is being allowed to confirm the number of dead. Despite the YouTube blockade by China, a number of videos depicting the violence in the region have made their way to YouTube.

YouTube has been targeted by some governments recently for different issues. In America the problem with YouTube is the posting of copyrighted videos, though the website has never faced a state-sanctioned shut down for this reason.

China isn’t the only government attempting to block YouTube. Pakistan accidentally cut off YouTube and its entire country from the internet in February of 2008 when it made a series of mistakes while attempting to stop its citizens from watching anti-Islamic videos featured on the website.

Other countries with critical views of its leadership or state religion have also imposed temporary sanctions against YouTube, including Iran, Thailand, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.  Iran and the United Arab Emirates are the only two other countries that still impose bans on YouTube content.

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By lompocus on 3/29/2008 2:49:47 AM , Rating: 0
As I start every comment with: DSX724, you are a complete and utterly stupid idiot.

There's a comment somehwere down the page that talks about the 'modern american liberal'. I believe you may be said liberal's bitch at night.

I don't think you know exactly what the CIA does. It's the first time I've heard someone say "CIA sucks." Must be the new way of saying "OMFG CONSPIRACIES! ARGH!"

There are two things wrong in my nation:
1) Bush is an idiot, Cheney is an idiot, Congress is full of morons, and Oil companies are making record profits.
2) Many parts of the Patriot Act (which is not evil but not the best idea in the world).
3) There are liberals (which is now seen by EVERYONE as: A person who thinks we should all be nicey-nicey, a person who has had life given to them on a silver platter and has no notion of the real outside world, etc.) in my glorious nation (hell yes Im calling the US the glorious nation! China and russia use that and no one cares, why can't I do the same?)

Have you voted in your life, at any time? Now, the people do not want war. We do need war, however, when we get bombed. Then we shoot up the enemy, which in the most recent conflict was a Hitler-esque dicator.

Let's use South America as an example. I suppose there is another way to end the drug trade that Venezuela and El Salvador have been advertising (and that columbia has gotten rid of in its own nation) that does not entail violence, considering that you, dsx724, must have all the answers to live, the universe, and everything.

Yes, we are totally culture killers :_. We totally killed a beautiful culture that emphasised the murder of everyone who opposed a dictator, rule by the minority, torture, suicide bombings, exploitation of the poor, common genocidal attitudes towards the Jews, etc. Oh yes, we should totally have not gone into the middle east as a whole and we should definitely have not tried to get that backwar- sorry, forwards thinking mentality out of 700 million peoples' heads.

We totally don't need to torture anyone, despite the fact that sacrificing that one guy's life, who, after killing dozens doesn't deserve it anyways, would allow 200 other people to live. We totally are not allowed to lock people in a little box and blast rock music (or the interrogator's music of choice) into their ears until they start speaking. We should definitely give hundreds of cold-blooded killers rights for 6 months in what would be a very costly (but apparently very worthwhile) endeavor to give them a chance to prove their innocence.

We are totally wasting money by building weapons and use that for peace because, as so many liberals say (which has now achieved the common connotation that it is anyone who thinks america sucks.), since we are totally not going to get nukes aimed at us, we're totally not going to be taken advantage of when we dissolve the military, and we will definitely not be prevented from exploiting the limitless resources of space. After all, a military is a waste, isn't it?

We need a law to execute isolationists, or anyone threatening MY safety.

"The whole principle [of censorship] is wrong. It's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't have steak." -- Robert Heinlein
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