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This Opteron 2352 was manufactured in the 7th week of 2008, as denoted by the date right below the product number.  (Source: DailyTech)

B2 stepping Opterons, like the "pre-production" model that found its way to IsoHunt, carry the "GD" identifier in the SKU  (Source: IsoHunt)
AMD puts its processor lineup back on track

Hark!  The long awaited B3 stepping of AMD's Opteron and Phenom finally made its way to system integrators this week.

AMD made it virtually impossible to obtain any K10-based Opteron processors after the TLB bug caught the world's attention last December.  Desktop Phenom processors continued to ship, though the BIOS workaround for the TLB race condition severely hampered performance on some benchmarks.

The vendor who obtained the B3 sample photographed (right) couldn't be more ecstatic.  "There's been no Opterons since November.  We've even been shipping Socket F Opterons to fill AMD orders.   This is a big deal," he tells DailyTech.

"Pre-production" Opterons sent to Torrent search engine IsoHunt last February were later revealed as gray-market B2 stepped processors, which AMD tracked to October 2007 samples.

In addition to fixing the TLB race condition, AMD will finally increase the core frequency of the Opteron series on the B3 stepping.  After the initial OEM orders are filled, channel vendors like Newegg and TigerDirect will carry the new Opterons in frequencies ranging from 1.8 GHz to 2.4 GHz.  Vendor estimates put this e-tailer ship date in early April.

AMD roadmaps also indicate the Phenom and Opteron lines will reach 2.6 GHz before this Fall on the new B3 stepping.  In 2009 both lines will transition from the 65nm to the 45nm process node, codenamed Shanghai, with additional SKUs at higher clock frequencies. 

B3 Opterons can be easily identified by the "GH" as opposed to "GD" at the end of the product number. With the exception of Phenom and Opteron SE processors, AMD emphasizes to DailyTech that no vendor should be selling or distributing "GD," and customers who obtain these older B2 steppings should contact their local AMD distributor. 

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What about the defective core issue?
By Belard on 3/12/2008 7:41:14 PM , Rating: 3
I remember reading an interesting thread (I cant find it). An owner of an AMD BLACK EDITION Phenom found that overclocking the CPU was horrible, like everyone else. While people are able to OC their Intel C2D to almost 3Ghz and well over 4Ghz with the latest 45nm CPUs, the new AMD flagship would fail at a few hundred mhz. The delayed 9700 is one of the proof of the problem.

But when he under-clocked specifically core #2 (0~3), he was able to get pretty good overclocking results to 2.6+ Ghz with the others.

Having B3 out is good, but the CPU design is a bit flawed... sometimes SLOWER than AMD's dual core CPUs which have a higher clock rate - but clock for clock, it is a faster CPU than the older AMD X2 CPUs.

But the TOP end quad AMD (2.4Ghz) thats coming out soon is still slower than intel's q6600 bottom end quad core. And Pricing is a problem. Q6600 going for $255, while AMD's slower 2.3Ghz is about $220. Overclocking abilities of the Q6600 are excellent... scratch that for the Phenom.

AMD needs to compete at least.... but at least they are nowhere near as BAD as the P4 vs AMD32 or AMD64. But intel's marketing allowed them to sell a hot underperforming CPU for years. If AMD was selling more CPUs back WHEN they were faster, their R&D budget would have been better. Look up some charts... the P4 was a constant joke compared to AMD64. When a $300 AMD chip was still faster than a $1000 Pentium Extreme, it was sad for both the buyer of the chip and for AMD, losing a sale to an inferior product that costs 3 times the price.

We all need AMD to be in the game.

By Etsp on 3/13/2008 8:50:51 AM , Rating: 2
While people are able to OC their Intel C2D to almost 3Ghz and well over 4Ghz with the latest 45nm CPUs
My E6750 is running fine at 3.5ghz with air cooling (Tuniq Tower)
If you meant with stock cooling, then that would make more sense to me...

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