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Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000  (Source: Microsoft)
Microsoft announces Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 with see through accents to mimic the Aero interface

Microsoft announced the Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 today with a design Microsoft says is intended to complement the Windows Vista Aero interface. The desktop set includes a new ultrathin comfort Curve keyboard and a rechargeable mouse.

The hallmark of the keyboard is a translucent Aero-inspired design along with floating hot keys and one touch instant access to Windows Flip 3D. The comfort curve keyboard has a smoked translucent border to mimic the look and feel of the translucent Aero borders on screens.

Other keyboard features include what Microsoft calls floating My Favorite Keys that allow users to simply press and hold one of the hot keys, like setting favorites on a car stereo, to bind websites to the keys.

Carla Foster, group marketing manager at Microsoft said in a statement, “This keyboard is a perfect example of Microsoft's focus on connecting its hardware with Windows Vista, bringing the elegance of Windows Aero to the keyboard. The Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 truly brings the best of both worlds together -- a beautiful design and a full suite of productivity features -- making it the best option for customers desiring a sophisticated accessory for their computer."

The keyboard included with the Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 uses Microsoft’s familiar Comfort Curve design with six degrees of curve. The mouse included with the desktop is the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000. The mouse is rechargeable and includes a horizontal charging station. LEDs on the mouse tell users when the mouse needs to be charged. The desktop uses 2.4GHz wireless technology for connectivity. Wide availability for the Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 will begin in April at $129.95.

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By Rob Pintwala on 3/12/2008 12:59:50 PM , Rating: 2
Firstly, you do realize that those web-usage charts are a disgustingly poor methodology for analyzing market share?

Secondly, you do know of Asia, right? It's the largest computer market in the world; the sheer volume of sales over there dwarfs the North American market. Guess how many Macs get sold in Asia?

Oh, and by the way... your analogy is a little off. Apple wouldn't be the architect; heck, it wouldn't even be on the same construction site as the "clone-makers". They haven't innovated the PC. They haven't innovated hardware. Perhaps package-design/presentation is their only innovation nowadays.

Why is Apple selling more Macs? Because trend-savvy teengaers and young adults jump on anything that is portrayed as "sexy" in the media. Those ads are working, and I'll give Apple that much.

By Pirks on 3/12/2008 4:15:20 PM , Rating: 1
you do realize that those web-usage charts are a disgustingly poor methodology for analyzing market share
They are the most reliable - they show how many active users of the specific platform use Internet. On the other hand all these fake numbers of "Vista licenses sold" that MS brags about are nothing but nice theoretical numbers - 'cause MS doesn't care if, say, a third of those "sold licenses" gets ended up in a trash can because Vista was replaced by XP (read all those comments on where people buy cheapo $500 PC notebooks en masse and replace Vista with XP right away)
you do know of Asia, right?
You do know of US, right? You should know that ruling the US market means eventually ruling the world, since all computer related stuff starts in the US. Microsoft started in US, Apple started in US, IBM, nVidia, Intel and all the other number one software and hardware companies. Who cares about third world? MS may dominate Russia, Asia and Africa for all they want, this doesn't matter.
They haven't innovated the PC
Still, the first mass market personal computer was done by Apple, way before IBM PC appeared. You Wintel fanboys don't know the history, like I said many times before.
They haven't innovated hardware
"The Apple PowerBook series, introduced in October 1991, pioneered changes that are now de facto standards on laptops, such as room for a palm rest, and the inclusion of a pointing device (a trackball)." There you go, Mr. Wintel "I know no damn history" Fanboy ;)
trend-savvy teengaers and young adults jump on anything that is portrayed as "sexy" in the media
Yeah, trend-savvy teenagers constitute 70-80% of all the mp3 player users, and of course they also constitute majority of the iPhone SDK users and Apple iPhone Enterprise Beta programs users. Right. That's a bit more funny than other typical Wintel fanboy lies, but still.. try to be more original and entertaining next time please.

"We are going to continue to work with them to make sure they understand the reality of the Internet.  A lot of these people don't have Ph.Ds, and they don't have a degree in computer science." -- RIM co-CEO Michael Lazaridis
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