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Google Earth Street View Image of Fort Sam Houston before it was Removed  (Source: BBC News)
Pentagon bans Google from taking images and video of military installations

Services like Google Earth are viewed by many to be nothing more than an interesting curiosity.  However, for the U.S. military and other world governments the satellite images and other footage Google offers on its Earth service represents a big security risk.

BBC News reports that the Pentagon has banned Google from filming inside and making detailed studies of U.S. military bases. The ban comes after detailed footage from inside and outside of the U.S. military base at Fort Sam Houston in Texas turned on up Google Earth’s Street View service.

Street View is a service of Google Earth that allows users of the application to travel down streets from the perspective of a car driver. The problem the Pentagon had with these images was that they were shot with great detail and were found to represent a significant security risk.

The defense department said in a statement quoted by BBC News, “Images include 360-degree views of the covered area to include access control points, barriers, headquarters, facilities and community areas.” The fear is that terrorists could use the detailed images to develop plans to attack the base.

Larry Yu, a Google spokesman, told BBC News that the decision to enter the US military base had been a “mistake.” Yu further said, “[it is] not our policy to request access to military installations, but in this instance the operator of the vehicle with the camera on top - which is how we go about capturing imagery for Street-View - requested permission to access a military installation, was given access, and after learning of the incident we quickly removed the imagery".

The U.S. military isn’t the only military force that has had problems with images shown on Google Earth. DailyTech reported in July of 2007 that satellite imagery form Google Earth had shown a new Chinese ballistic missile sub in dock. Indian officials became irate when images of its new Sukhoi 30 MK1 aircraft turned up on Google Earth as well.

A U.S. spy agency stated in May of 2007 that curbs needed to be placed on satellite images made available to the public.

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RE: The way it should be
By SlyNine on 3/7/2008 6:29:28 PM , Rating: 2
Why don't you be a true skeptic then and not be brainwashed by our enemies and people from other countries. Its alright to question our government, that's what's great about it is we can do just that. However just getting hand feed what other US HATERS try to feed you is just STUPID.

What does it mean. Why can it not mean that they feel intimidated by US. Why can it mean they simply disagree, but if they do does that mean we have to see it their way. Why is it we are automatically in the wrong. I understand the stance against wanting any kinda war. But just as long as you realize that the opposition towards the war isn't tell 100% truths either. Like the no WMD thing, we knew and it was widely said going in that even if they ARE their we might never find them. Maybe them not finding them is more of a testimony to the fact they don't always lie as they could have simply planted them their if they wanted.

RE: The way it should be
By andyjary on 3/7/08, Rating: -1
RE: The way it should be
By SlyNine on 3/7/2008 7:22:47 PM , Rating: 1
How has it been proven their were no WMD's, its been said alot , but never proven.

How would we feel if Iraq invaded us, well im pretty sure almost every man woman and child would fight for this country. Why because well, my friend. We are simply better then Iraq. yes that is an opinion but try to find people that dissagree. In Iraq however most of their old "warloards" are actully working with us, supporting us. A high percentage of the people we are fighting are not even from Iraq, So why should we leave Iraq. You may see us as the only invaders, but this is not true, we have more support then they do in Iraq. Why if Iraq doesnt like what we do for them did they stick their necks out and vote under threat of death. Did we threaten them if they didnt vote we'd kill them no. Sorry but what you say just doesnt stick because we are nothing like them.

and for this
"Everybody knows that the US (Tank factories and arms suppliers) got a major boost when the war on Iraq was started. That’s why other people elsewhere got pissed off because they were being pounded while loads of jobs in the US were being created and Bush and other investors reaped the fruits of that situation. While, all the time we’re being told that it’s justified – bullshit!"

This is nothing more then conjecture and opinion.

"Because of this ‘freedom of information’ etc. other countries can see that we’re raking-in the bounty of this situation. The man on the street sees a job – the other countries see a shit foreign policy?"

What!! please restate that. We have freedom of information, along with some other countries. But very few have the amount of freedom of information that we do, So because we have it doesnt mean jack for them.

RE: The way it should be
By andyjary on 3/7/2008 7:58:50 PM , Rating: 2
Quote: "This is nothing more then conjecture and opinion"

Have a read of this then:

The Carlye Group. What do they make?

RE: The way it should be
By SlyNine on 3/8/2008 1:13:47 AM , Rating: 1
Chris Ayres, New York correspondent for The Times (London).
Well that about sums it up for me. LOL

"I f***ing cannot play Halo 2 multiplayer. I cannot do it." -- Bungie Technical Lead Chris Butcher

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