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Future Shop will give you $100 for your HD DVD player, but only if you immediately buy combo hardware

Hot on the heels of Circuit City’s plan to refund all of its customers for their recent HD DVD purchases, Canadian big box retailer Future Shop has announced its own trade-in deal for those looking to unload their hardware.

Between March 7 and April 3, customers who own HD DVD players are invited to return their hardware to Future Shop location and receive $100 off either an LG or Samsung Blu-ray / HD DVD Combo player. The retailer will even accept players not purchased at Future Shop as part of the offer, though it is unclear if it applies to the Xbox 360 add-on drive, which retails now for $50.

"Future Shop recently announced the change to showcasing Blu-ray and liquidating HD DVD players," said Eric Stockner, director of merchandising, home theater. "We recognize that some customers will jump into Blu-ray but others who invested in HD DVD, and started to build a library of movies, are interested in a transition and combo solution to the new Blu-ray home theater and entertainment experience."

As noted by the offer, and unlike Circuit City’s policy, Future Shop will only apply the $100 credit towards a combo player – so those eying a standalone Blu-ray Disc or PlayStation 3 are out of luck.

"The Blu-ray/ HD-DVD Combo player is a win for customers as it allows them the opportunity to continue to view their HD DVDs while entering into the Blu-ray market," adds Stockner.

Right now, lists two players applicable for the HD DVD trade-in offer: the LG Super Multi Blue BH200 and the Samsung HD BD-UP5000. Both players are on sale for $499.99, so a $100 credit would bring it $50 below the price of the cheapest Blu-ray Disc standalone, the Samsung BD-P1400 at $449.99. Of course, $399.99 will also buy a 40GB PlayStation 3 – arguably the smartest buy in Blu-ray Disc today.

While Circuit City will be returning all of its HD DVD refunds to the vendor, Future Shop said that it would be donating all HD DVD hardware to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada for use in their after-school and evening programs.

There’s no word yet of if Future Shop’s parent company, Best Buy, plans to follow suit at  its retail locations.

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By kilkennycat on 3/7/2008 4:09:56 PM , Rating: -1
Microsoft has more money in their piggy-bank than the net worth of Future Shop and Circuit City combined, so I think it would be a trivial customer concession for the 600,000 or so XBox360 owners with HD-DVD drives. It would only cost them a mere $60 million or so. And those customers with significant HD-DVD movie collections would probably not bite anyway. But a huge boost to customer perceptions of Microsoft at a time when customer perceptions of that company are not too great. Compared with the money already set aside for the RROD problems ( ~ $1billion) that would be mere chicken feed.

Oh, I forgot, Microsoft needs all that extra cash for their Yahoo bid. To h**l with their current loyal customers......

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