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MacBook Air is hard to find in many large markets despite high price

When Apple first announced the MacBook Air, it was met with oohs and ahs form Apple fans and non-Apple fans alike. The Air is a very attractive notebook, even if it does have a wealth of odd issues prospective owners have to live with.

Even though the MacBook Air has generated lots of praise for its design and thin construction, the notebook has taken a few hits for its lack of a user-replaceable battery, meager performance, lack of more USB ports and a missing GbE connection onboard.

According to Ars Technica, even with the caveats of MacBook Air ownership, the demand is apparently still high leading to long wait times for shipping and frequent sell outs at Apple stores in large markets. Amazon says its MacBook Air orders won’t be shipping until March 16 and Best Buy has been low on systems as well.

It makes sense that Apple resellers like Amazon and Best Buy would be low on stock since Apple is having a hard time keeping its own retail stores supplied with the Air. Some stores in and around Boston were out of stock and store employees said that some would be Air owners were opting to spend the significantly higher price on the SSD equipped Air because it tends to be in stock longer.

Apple stores in large markets like LA, New York City and Chicago get daily shipments and are still not able to keep a regular stock of the Air. However, it seems that Apple fans in smaller markets may have an easier time getting their hands on the MacBook Air -- one Apple Store in Indianapolis reported that it had more than enough stock to meet demand.

The real question behind the shortages of MacBook Air systems is if the demand is really that high, or perhaps did Apple simply not order enough of the machines making them hard to keep in stock. Whatever the reason the Air is hard to get in some areas, there is little doubt that the computer has proven to be surprisingly popular despite the issues it may have.

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By FranksAndBeans on 3/3/2008 4:17:08 PM , Rating: 3
After reading that article, the only thing I seem to take from it is that people in Indianapolis must be smarter than those in LA, New York, and Chicago.

RE: Heh
By Domicinator on 3/3/2008 5:16:56 PM , Rating: 1

I caught a flight to Baltimore out of O'Hare Airport yesterday, and being a tech dork, I'm of course always checking out peoples' laptops on the way to my terminal. I saw one Macbook all morning. One. Everyone else had PCs. That gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

I also found out today that my company is even starting to switch over to Vista. I personally use Vista on my own machine, but the PowerPoint presentation I had to suffer through today was done on Windows Vista. I work for a pretty big time company, so I was surprised to see someone already using Vista on a company machine.

RE: Heh
By AlphaVirus on 3/3/2008 5:20:53 PM , Rating: 2
Have you seen the show Sweet 16 on MTV (I think its on MTV), it mostly takes place in California and NewYork, there are a lot of 'daddys little girls' out there. They will cry and whine until they get what they want.

I can assure you that while Indianapolis might be smarter, there are a large group of spoiled kids in this world that want what no other kid has and the MBA fits that group.

RE: Heh
By Spyvie on 3/4/2008 12:06:03 PM , Rating: 2
This one needs a 6

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