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MSI ECOlution Chipset Cooler  (Source: TweakTown)
MSI ECOlution chipset cooler operates on the Stirling Engine Theory

MSI has designed a new chipset cooling fan that is able to operate without electricity. MSI’s new chipset cooler, which is accordingly dubbed the “Air Power Cooler,” offers all of the benefits of a cooler with a fan without drawing any power.   

Energy efficiency of fans can make a large difference, especially in enterprise environments where hundreds of PCs are running at once.  Although passive cooling is always an option, it doesn’t offer the cooling capability of a fan.

The new MSI cooler isn’t a passive cooler but actually uses a fan to cool the chipset without using any electricity. Ironically, the fan gets its power from the very thing it’s trying to remove — thermal energy.

The system is based on a beta Stirling engine. As hot air expands in the system, it applies pressure to the central piston in the heatsink pushing it up. The piston's movement upwards rotates gears which in turn spin the fan. Thermal energy generated by the chipset is converted into kinetic energy.

The fan blows through a common looking finned radiator to disperse the Northbridge’s heat production.

MSI tells DailyTech that the system is able to convert 70% of heat power to kinetic energy. It is important to note that enough heat must be supplied to spin the fan blades. If the chipset isn’t hot enough, the entire system will not run.

MSI is working on the cooler with Taiwanese company Polo-Tech. The powerless fan is expected to make its debut on MSI’s ECOlution during CeBIT 2008.

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RE: Ingenius
By masher2 on 3/1/2008 11:03:07 AM , Rating: 1
> "Whatever happened to doing something just because it is awesome?"

Sure, I agree totally. That's a great reason for an enthusiasist's PC.

But some people here are arguing this has applications for large datacenters. I don't see any corporation risking the integrity of their servers for an 'awesome' idea with no practical benefit.

RE: Ingenius
By Spartan Niner on 3/1/2008 2:10:24 PM , Rating: 5
>"Sure, I agree totally. That's a great reason for an enthusiasist's PC."

That's one hell of a enthusiastic enthusiast you have there. He even added another Si for the silicon used in his chips.

RE: Ingenius
By PlasmaBomb on 3/2/2008 8:30:06 AM , Rating: 2

RE: Ingenius
By sporr on 3/2/2008 7:45:32 AM , Rating: 2
Im just hoping this solution is a starting point, a base of which to further their idea's.

At the very least, I credit MSI for at least trying.

RE: Ingenius
By elpresidente2075 on 3/3/2008 2:20:51 PM , Rating: 1
Certainly that makes sense. But you must remember that there must be a first generation that goes before the sleek, new, better 2nd generation, and so on. Honestly, I don't expect to see practical applications of this tech within the PC arena for many years.

Fun little niche product though. I'd probably put it in my personal server to replace the tiny POS that is attached to my northbridge. Funny though, the fan probably wouldn't ever turn on.

RE: Ingenius
By SoCalBoomer on 3/7/2008 1:02:40 PM , Rating: 2
Strangely, heat pipes were just for enthusiasts a while ago - the same people who are pooh-poohing advances like this pooh-poohed heat pipes in Shuttle's designs (and others) as impractical.

Yet here we are with heat-pipes everywhere (nearly).

I can see a smaller version of this (and there aren't many moving parts - diaphragm, arm, shaft, fan. . .hmmm) going many places.

Less power demands, temperature sensitive cooling.

We all know things get smaller as development continues. . . this could easily advance and become really practical.

"Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn." -- Seagate CEO Bill Watkins

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