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MSI ECOlution Chipset Cooler  (Source: TweakTown)
MSI ECOlution chipset cooler operates on the Stirling Engine Theory

MSI has designed a new chipset cooling fan that is able to operate without electricity. MSI’s new chipset cooler, which is accordingly dubbed the “Air Power Cooler,” offers all of the benefits of a cooler with a fan without drawing any power.   

Energy efficiency of fans can make a large difference, especially in enterprise environments where hundreds of PCs are running at once.  Although passive cooling is always an option, it doesn’t offer the cooling capability of a fan.

The new MSI cooler isn’t a passive cooler but actually uses a fan to cool the chipset without using any electricity. Ironically, the fan gets its power from the very thing it’s trying to remove — thermal energy.

The system is based on a beta Stirling engine. As hot air expands in the system, it applies pressure to the central piston in the heatsink pushing it up. The piston's movement upwards rotates gears which in turn spin the fan. Thermal energy generated by the chipset is converted into kinetic energy.

The fan blows through a common looking finned radiator to disperse the Northbridge’s heat production.

MSI tells DailyTech that the system is able to convert 70% of heat power to kinetic energy. It is important to note that enough heat must be supplied to spin the fan blades. If the chipset isn’t hot enough, the entire system will not run.

MSI is working on the cooler with Taiwanese company Polo-Tech. The powerless fan is expected to make its debut on MSI’s ECOlution during CeBIT 2008.

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By mindless1 on 2/29/2008 9:19:55 PM , Rating: -1
"Energy efficiency of fans can make a large difference,"

YOu are so full of it. Get your head screwed on straight, in a corporate or other large computing environment the 100mA a chipset 'sink uses is trivial compared to the reliability, and even trivial if the reliability is trivial.

You need to pull your green head out of the sand. Yes it is a novel ideal, a neat toy, and nothing more.

RE: Nonsense
By JohnnyCNote on 2/29/2008 10:02:17 PM , Rating: 2
Wow, I sure am glad I read this! Here I was, admiring the idea of the device, and then the "midless1" sets me straight. Prior to that, I'd never have associated this CPU cooler with anything so disgusting as a manifestation of green ideology. The very thought is nauseating. Maybe we should alert Homeland Security.

Although I do have to question the inspiration behind the screen name "mindless1", because that very idea came to me while reading his blistering rebuke . . .

RE: Nonsense
By Alexstarfire on 2/29/2008 10:59:38 PM , Rating: 2
He could be right though, depending on how much it costs. I mean, even a cheapo fan is like a $1-2, I doubt this Stirling engine fan is going to be that cheap. Then it depends on how long you plan on keeping it.

RE: Nonsense
By JohnnyCNote on 3/1/2008 12:49:59 AM , Rating: 2
I mean, even a cheapo fan is like a $1-2, I doubt this Stirling engine fan is going to be that cheap

It may be more expensive now, but perhaps more economical means of producing it could be developed that would increase its value in these enironments. It's one of those "nothing ventured, nothing gained" things . . .

RE: Nonsense
By rudolphna on 3/1/08, Rating: 0
RE: Nonsense
By kmmatney on 3/1/2008 10:02:26 PM , Rating: 2
What kind of corporate environment is going to overclock their systems? If anything, you should have a passive heatsink on computers in a corporate environment.

RE: Nonsense
By mindless1 on 3/2/2008 1:10:17 AM , Rating: 1
Moron, the power difference was in an actively cooled fan versus this one, not the chipset.

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