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New traffic cams in the UK make Dracula proud

Most drivers in larger cities where carpool lanes are common have seen the lone driver cruising in the HOV lane oblivious to the rules. Sometimes these lane raiders get caught, but more often than not they get away with going solo in the HOV lane.

Some people try all sorts of trickery to get away with using the HOV lane with only one person in the car from putting photographs on the windshield to fool traffic cameras to using mannequins or blow up dolls. A new camera system is being installed in the UK that can tell how many people are in the car by detecting the amount of blood and bodily fluids are present with the expectation of thwarting these types of offenses.

The new CCTV system will first be used in Leeds, but could eventually find its way across the UK. The cameras work by shooting an infrared beam through the windshield of a car that is able to detect the blood and other fluids inside people in the car.

Similar technology has been used in the hospital setting for years called pulse oximetery which uses an infrared beam to detect how much oxygen is dissolved in the blood. If these cameras work on a similar principal to detect blood is unknown.

Professor John Tyrer headed the Loughborough University team that created the device told Daily Mail, “It [the cameras] allows you to count people.” UK motoring organizations say that the cameras are yet another intrusion on the private lives of motorists.

Whether or not CCTV cameras actually help reduce crime in the UK is a topic of debate. DailyTech reported a study in 2007 that showed the CCTV cameras in use in the UK did not reduce crime.

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Oh the poor motorists....
By Proteusza on 2/26/2008 3:10:04 AM , Rating: 5
UK motoring organizations say that the cameras are yet another intrusion on the private lives of motorists.

Oh shame. Poor guys. These guys want to drive in the lane reserved for larger vehicles and those carrying passengers, and the government wants to stop them. Arent they so hard done by? Oh shame, woe is them, now maybe they will have to drive in the normal lanes like everybody else.

I'm afraid they are just going to have to deal with it - they cause traffic problems for other people, its time they accepted the fact that they are NOT supposed to drive in that lane. Its not too hard really.

RE: Oh the poor motorists....
By Aloonatic on 2/26/2008 4:22:11 AM , Rating: 4
Much of the problem is that motorists in the UK are massively taxed and feel that they should be able to drive in any lane as they're paying through the nose to do it anyway.

There are very few people driving on congested roads for the fun of it, most of use are only trying to get to work in order to earn money and pay our massive taxes in the hope of having a few pennies left over to pay for the private dental and medical treatment that we have already paid for but is rubbish in most places. Then you've got to pay for the fuel to sit in the traffic too, which isn't cheap over here either.

Of course, the politicians say they are making it harder and more expensive to drive to save the planet and make people use public transport as we all know that every mile of British tarmac is made of crushed eagles beaks, seal skins and baby dolphins.

Sadly, the train companies say that they cannot cope with the demand that they have already and put up their fares even faster than the government can put up road tax and fuel duty.

They refuse to expand the number of carriages and force most to stand, that's if the often delayed train arrives in the first place and it actually makes it to the destination on time.

The while thing is a mess and essentially unfair.

What if you don't live near anyone who you work with?

Personally, I'd love to car share, less miles on my car, cheaper fuel bills (we're @ $8 a gallon in the UK) and most importantly, a chance to have a sleep (when it's not my turn to drive) on the ride to and from work without having to worry about speed cameras and being told off by children for speeding near schools :-s

RE: Oh the poor motorists....
By Proteusza on 2/26/2008 6:32:12 AM , Rating: 2
I guess its a difficult situation.

On the one hand, I agree that the transport system, including private road transport and public transport, is woefully inadequate. And I dont like how motorists are demonized as the cause of The End Of The World. Even if they were, the government just hasnt done enough for public transport - its overcrowded, horrifically expensive, slow, and delayed whenever there is a mild breeze.

On the other hand, I dont agree that motorists have the right to use lanes reserved for other traffic, and I especially dont agree that using such measures is an invasion of privacy.

Something clearly needs to be done, I just dont know what. Perhaps we need an entirely new government, made up of neither of the political parties represented by Gordon Brown and David Cameron, because both are just sharks - useless politicians.

RE: Oh the poor motorists....
By Aloonatic on 2/26/08, Rating: 0
RE: Oh the poor motorists....
By dever on 2/26/2008 3:58:22 PM , Rating: 1
Can you expound on the healthcare in the UK a little? Some here in the US want to mimic your "universal coverage" trying to shame the average US citizen into eliminating the competitive forces that made US healthcare the best in the world.

RE: Oh the poor motorists....
By P4blo on 2/26/2008 11:38:19 AM , Rating: 3
What are you on about? The civil liberties thing is about the government knowing too much about everyone, not just the few people who break road laws! You've got the wrong end of the stick.

Currently all the cameras can detect car number plates - meaning that it's very easy to track a vehicle all around town. Now with this technology, in theory they also know roughly how many people are in it. I bet they'd just love to add these little infrared beams to all the cameras, not just car sharing lanes (which dont even exist here at the moment anyhow LOL). Reading the American comments on here makes me laugh, you guys really dont have a clue what you're on about most of you :)

The REAL issue here is how governments are using the excuse of enforcing things like traffic laws to bring in new cunning technologies that are really in place to a). earn revenue, and b). track terrorist suspects. Sadly our civil liberties are eroded because of poor foreign policy (thanks Blair and Bush). Any time a new bit of tech comes along that helps them track suspects better they jump at it. That's the REAL problem here.

RE: Oh the poor motorists....
By dever on 2/26/2008 4:05:30 PM , Rating: 2
I'm one American that thinks you're on target. But there are many who don't realize that the more power you give to government, the greater the potential for misuse or abuse. Some feel that we just need the "right person" in office to manage all that excessive power... a sad, baseless optimism (or "hope").

"We are going to continue to work with them to make sure they understand the reality of the Internet.  A lot of these people don't have Ph.Ds, and they don't have a degree in computer science." -- RIM co-CEO Michael Lazaridis
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