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Thompson given until March 5th to prove that he has not "abused the legal system"

Whenever a tragedy occurs, it is virtually a given that Florida attorney Jack Thompson is making a beeline for the nearest media outlet to voice his predictable opinion that video games were the cause of the violent outburst, and has made several attempts to use the legal system to further his cause; however, the Florida Supreme Court appears to be striking back.

GamePolitics, who has had no shortage of communication with Thompson in the past, is reporting that Thompson himself has forwarded the Florida Supreme Court's "Order to Show Cause" that was sent to Thompson's office earlier this week, and has posted the following excerpt from the email exchange:

02/19/2008  ORDER-SHOW CAUSE
It appears to the Court that you have abused the legal system by submitting numerous frivolous and inappropriate filings in this Court.

Therefore, it is ordered that you shall show cause on or before March 5, 2008, why this Court should not find that you have abused the legal system process and impose upon you a sanction for abusing the legal system, including, but not limited to directing the Clerk of this Court to reject for filing any future pleadings, petitions, motions, letters, documents, or other filings submitted to this Court by you unless signed by a member of The Florida Bar other than yourself.
The phrase "numerous frivolous and inappropriate filings" stands out to any member of the gaming community familiar with Mr. Thompson's less-than-stellar record in attempting to sway the gaming industry. Mr. Thompson's vitriolic response was both equally amusing and confusing, as he the eggs on the very court that serves him the notice:
This is the single greatest gift that any court has ever given me in my 31 years of practicing law.  I shall now, through a new federal lawsuit, deconstruct The Florida Bar ... This court has threatened Thompson. He does not threaten back. He hereby informs this court that he will see it in federal court.

The Florida court is looking forward to this appearance.

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RE: Ignore?
By Dreamsmith on 2/23/2008 7:21:43 AM , Rating: 2
That does not logically follow. If person A spends 8 hours a day watching porn, and person B spends 8 hours a day watching Sesame Street, it's pretty much guaranteed they view the world differently. But it's also certainly true that they viewed the world differently before they started doing that! You're putting the cart before the horse.

Incidentally, if person A spends eight hours a day watching porn, staying up late because of it, and person B spends an hour a day watching porn and getting a good night's sleep, the evidence suggests person B is being more strongly affected by it than person A. If person A is engaging in any activity with such obsessiveness that he's losing sleep over it, he's not being affected as much by it, since it's during sleep that he cements his experiences of the day into his memory. And within the first hour of engaging in any activity, he's already gotten most of the affect he's going to get, after that it's a matter of swiftly diminishing returns.

RE: Ignore?
By KristopherKubicki on 2/23/2008 12:12:18 PM , Rating: 2
I don't think those are mutually exclusive ideas. Are you saying you've never felt yourself influenced, not once, over the content you learn from your surroundings? TV, Radio, DailyTech, etc?

I'd say my entire life is just a collection of knowledge I've picked up from things like TV, the Internet, school, etc.

And let's not forget either that the demographic of people reading and commenting on DailyTech is considerably older than that of most gamers (DailyTech is 22 to 35 year old males according to ComScore. Gamers are typically 14 to 25 year olds according to most surveys).

Teenages are extremely impressionable. That's not a fact for debate, though I'll leave the exercise of finding sources to the reader. To think they don't pick up knowledge from video games is folly; to think parents have not guided these children through ethical reasoning before they're exposed to these games is also probably asking too much as well.

RE: Ignore?
By fisher on 2/25/2008 1:36:49 AM , Rating: 2
influenced? yes. controlled, as jack would like people to think? no. i'm not a zombie, i still make my own choices.

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen
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