Microsoft hurriedly pulls one bad prerequisite update which caused a world of trouble for some Microsoft users

Microsoft rolled out it Windows Vista Service Pack 1 to select customers recently.  The SP1 update drew mixed reviews according to initial testers.  However,  while SP1 is relatively stable, it pulls in Windows Updates and one particular prerequisite update is giving people serious problems.

Microsoft rolled out three prerequisite updates last week through Windows Update to prepare users computers computers for Windows Vista SP1.  If customers tried to install Vista SP1 without the update, the SP1 install process would simply go and grab the update. 

One of these updates, KB937287, caused some serious issues among some users.  As Vista SP1 automatically grabs this update, some users experienced side effects during the SP1 installation process. 

During the Vista SP1 installation process, some unfortunate users report their computer gets stuck on the third step -- the Windows Update step.  Their installation process read, "Configuring updates: stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete" according to one user, and then the system reboots.  After rebooting the installation process resumes -- then the computer reboots again.  The computer becomes frozen in an unbootable loop.  Numerous users on the Microsoft forums have reported having the same problem.  Other users have reported that their computer simply would not boot properly.

Exactly how widespread the problem is at the time is unknown.  Microsoft is trying to look into what is causing this unrecoverable crash.   In the meantime they have pulled the prerequisite update.

For afflicted users, who already received the update, the only solution is to reboot their computers, boot from their original Vista disk and do a system restore to restore their computer to a state several days prior.  Users may have to choose multiple restore points to find a working one, if any work at all.  Some users report finding working restore points after several tries.  However, users must then turn off Windows automatic update or the problem may recommence.

Some users have reported hardware and hard disk problems after restoration.

Many mistakenly labeled the problem as an issue caused directly by Vista SP1.  While SP1 did inadvertently trigger the problem, it was the prerequisite update for Vista SP1 that raised havoc on users' machines.  Microsoft has responded quickly, acknowledging this problem, and hopes to fix the update.

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