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Samsung was the no. 2 LCD TV manufacturer during Q4 2007.

LCD vs. CRT  (Source: Business Wire)
Report puts Sony LCD TVs as top brand with Samsung a close second

DisplaySearch released a report this week that shows for the first time ever LCD TV shipments outpacing CRT TVs worldwide in Q4 2007. According to the report, global TV shipments grew 21% quarter to quarter and 5% year to year. The total number of TVs shipped was nearly 200 million units worldwide.

2007 was the first year where TV revenues exceeded $100 billion with Q4 2007 revenues alone counting for $32.9 billion of that number. DisplaySearch says that LCD unit share grew worldwide, but the strongest growth in LCD unit share was seen in Europe. Developing nations showed the greatest increase in LCD unit share with Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa rising a combined 106% year over year.

CRT TV shipments fell from 77% of global TV shipments in Q1 2006 to 46% of global shipments in Q4 2007. LCD made impressive gains against rear projection TVs and Plasma TVs as well.

LCD TV share increased from 44% to 65% year over year while plasma dropped from 40% to 31% and rear projection TV dropped from 16% to 3%. That massive drop in rear projection was no doubt helped by Sony pulling out of the rear projection market in 2007.

DisplaySearch says that Sony was the number one brand of LCD TV in Q4 2007 with 19.5% of the market. Samsung followed in a very close second place with 19.3% of the LCD TV market. Philips was a distant third with 10.1% of the LCD market with Sharp sitting at the same 10.1% share. The fifth place company was LG with 7.7% of the market.

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RE: An extra tidbit
By AmbroseAthan on 2/20/2008 3:29:43 PM , Rating: 2
While your counter has some half valid points, it highly overstates the the limits of the newer DLP's.

The biggest oversight you had is cost. Going by Crutchfield, a 58" Plasma (Samsung or Panasonic) is ~$3,500; a 61" DLP (Samsung) is ~$2,400. That is a BIG difference for alot of people. (LCD's 60"+ you are looking at $6,000 or more)

The newer DLP's are plenty bright for well-lit rooms. Yes, if directly compared to a Plasma they are dimmer, but not dim enough to make a bad picture. The picture is still exceptional; I have one in a sun-lit room and it is a much older 42" model.

And with regards to viewing angles, this always boggles my mind on the vertical. Who is watching their TV and looking nearly straight down at it, or laying in front of it looking up from only a couple of feet? If you have a 61" DLP, you will be sitting a good distance away, and the vertical viewing angle will almost never be large at all. With regards to the horizontal, I can see if you have a U-shaped living room and the TV at the top of the U, the people at the edge's of the U will have trouble; but anyone who is sitting with at least a 45 degree angle will be fine. My DLP is setup in the corner of my living room; standing on either wall (so ~45degrees) the picture looks exactly the same as straight on.

Basically; projection is defintiely an option for people who are looking for a larger TV. Is its picture as good as a Plasma or LCD? No. But is its picture still exceptional? YES.

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