The LG BH200 dual-format HD DVD/Blu-ray Disc player
While Toshiba's called it quits, LG presses on with HD DVD

While Toshiba, the main provider of HD DVD hardware, threw in the towel for the format on Tuesday morning, LG said that it plans to continue making players capable of playing HD DVD software.

“With the recent announcement from Toshiba, Blu-Ray will now be the format that will pave the way for high definition movies, however this does not rule out HD DVD immediately as there are still a number of consumers who have chosen HD DVD and begun to build a HD DVD collection,” Daniel Aziz, marketing manager for LG Electronics, told Pocket-Lint. “LG believes that at this present moment in time, it is necessary to provide a player which supports both formats and therefore create simplicity and convenience for the existing HD DVD consumer.”

LG’s contribution to the high-definition movie space was the first hybrid player that could read both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. The first model, dubbed the BH100, debuted at CES in early 2007, but suffered some compatibility issues with the advanced features of HD DVD.

The second-generation BH-200 player, released in October 2007, fixed the flaws of the first release and added support for full profile Blu-ray Disc software.

Rather than completely scrap its already- or near-complete combo player hardware, LG likely sees it as more logical to continue the manufacture and sales of its dual-format players until the end of its product lifecycle.

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