Verizon Wireless Unlimited Voice Plan Details  (Source: Verizon Wireless)
Can you hear me now that I have unlimited anytime minutes?

Days after the rumors began circulating all over the Internet, Verizon Wireless today updated its offerings by including plans with unlimited anytime minutes nationwide for a flat rate.

In addition to the limited minute plans the cellular provider has offered, Verizon is now ready to offer three new tiers: Basic, Select and Premium. The Basic Plan offers unlimited anytime minutes on a single line for $99.99 and features Verizon's Mobile Web 2.0 Internet browsing feature. The Basic Plan also covers roaming and long distance at no additional charge beyond the plan rate but Verizon does charge $1.99 per MB for data services.

The Select Plan offers the same deal as the Basic Plan but also include unlimited text messaging between anyone in the US no matter the cellular network. The Select Plan is priced at $119.99 monthly with the same $1.99 per MB fee for data.

The Premium Plan includes all of the services within the Basic and Select Plans, the unlimited anytime minutes and text messaging, but also adds V Cast VPak, VZ Navigator and Mobile email services to the mix for a monthly plan rate of $139.99 before taxes and fees. Under the Premium Plan, Verizon also includes unlimited data access.

Additionally, each new unlimited anytime minute plan has a matching Family SharePlan with a price schedule designed around the features included. The Family SharePlan is priced at $199.98 for the first two lines under the Basic Plan package, $229.98 under the Select Plan package, and $269.98 under the Premium Plan package with each additional line costing an additional $99.99 per month (or $119.99 for additions under the Premium Plan).

A maximum of five lines can be included in Family SharePlan plans and it seems there is no real discount in signing up to these plans as opposed to subscribing to individual lines for each family member except maybe some breaks on the handful of fees consumers love to pay.

Those who opt for the Basic Plan but want the additional features such as a limited messaging plan and/or V Cast will have to spring for the add-on options during the order process.

With the launch of this plan, Verizon Wireless is not the first to offer such plans but it is the only service to offer unlimited anytime minute-based plans at the moment.

As the news of Verizon's official launch materialized today, another large cellular carrier announced plans to follow suit and launch its own unlimited voice plans.

It seems that AT&T's wireless division feels it needs to provide its customers with unlimited anytime voice minutes similar to Verizon's Basic Plan package. At $99.99 AT&T subscribers can be free of the monthly limitations of the tiered calling plans. For an additional $50 per month customers can add unlimited texting and data usage bringing the total of a single line monthly rate to about $150 compared to Verizon's Premium Plan rate of $139.99 per month.

Availability of these unlimited voice plans from AT&T is set for February 22, 2008, which is just a few days after Verizon Wireless' announcement.

AT&T has gained some ground lately as it has taken over T-Mobile's role as the WiFi Access provider for Starbucks and with this announcement it's hard to think that they don't feel a little threatened by Verizon.

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