HD DVD enters the point of no return as hardware manufacturers announce plans to support Blu-ray

With more studios abandoning ship in the HD DVD camp, Samsung became one of the first hardware vendors to publicly scuttle its HD DVD interests. 

The Korea Times, a publication regarded for close ties to Samsung, received word from company officials late yesterday.  "Samsung is expected to show more interests in Blu-ray products than rival HD DVDs," claimed a company representative.

The high-definition format war raged from 2006 until the first week of 2008 when Warner Brothers announced its intention to cease plans for dual-format media, followed by proclamation of Blu-ray exclusivity.

Samsung's commitment to HD DVD could be described as little more than lip service. The company announced plans to unveil dual-format HD DVD and Blu-ray players 18 months ago, only to promulgate delays for the next year.  When the company finally introduced its BD-UP5000 player, Korean rival LG practically owned the dual-format player market.

Samsung never released a standalone HD DVD player.

Toshiba, the largest manufacturer of HD DVD hardware, denies its intention to pull out of the HD DVD market.  However, Japanese public news broadcaster NHK claims Toshiba's decision to exit the market will come later this week.

The HD DVD Promotion Group still commands the support of Paramount and DreamWorks; two major Hollywood studios committed to exclusive HD DVD releases. 

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