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Florida attorney Jack Thompson has made a career of blaming high-intensity media for tragedy; including attributing the 2007 Virginia Tech massacres on video games.

Jack Thompson on Fox News  (Source: Kotaku, Fox News)
Jack Thompson finds another opportunity to blame games

It didn’t take long for Florida attorney Jack Thompson to link video games to the tragic Northern Illinois University massacre.

Fox News recently hosted Thompson, where he proceeded to pin the NIU shooter Steven Kazmierczak’s actions on violent videogames. Thompson started off, “We find from brain scans studies out of Harvard that if you get started playing, for example, violent video games you can you are more likely to copycat the behaviors in the games.”

The Florida attorney continued, “You can rehearse these type of massacres on simulators which are called video games and you can are therefore made more proficient in doing this.”

Thompson’s finger wasn’t alone in pointing at video games as fuel for the NIU tragedy. In its version of the story, the New York Post linked the killer to his habit of playing Counter Strike while studying sociology at Northern Illinois University in 2003 and 2004.

“He played a lot of video games, especially Counter Strike, really loud,” said dorm mate Ben Woloszyn, 24.

Omitted from the New York Post story, however, was that Counter Strike was a game played by many other students at school. The Northwest Herald wrote, “Kazmierczak often would play the video game Counter Strike, a first-person shooting game, the roommates said, but they were quick to add that the game was nothing unusual for dormitory halls.”

The Herald pointed to other potential issues, such as Kazmierczak’s time at an inpatient psychiatric rehabilitation center, and his reported discontinuation of his anti-depressant medication several weeks before the shooting.

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RE: Bullshi....
By EE Pete on 2/18/2008 7:35:07 PM , Rating: 5
I couldn't have said it better myself.

I'm a senior at NIU, gaming is just as rampant(relative term) here as in other universities, speaking from experience. The only problem that has been observed is that a gamer may not have enough discipline to stop and get back to his/her studies. School in itself can drive someone mental and gaming is very welcomed outlet. It also brings people together.

We will never be completely certain why he snapped. There are way to many parameters to consider. I am tired of people not considering the complexity of the situation. I am not saying gaming or guns, ease of availability of, did not contribute to this tragic event, but rather they could have been a fraction of the problem. There are many deeper psychological issues that had to exist before games or weapons would influence one to that point.

I would like for people to have some dignity and keep their "righteous" agendas, be it gun laws, game laws, whatever, to themselves until the victims, families, and the rest of the community has a time to move on. Otherwise they are just preying on them and their emotional state. A very effective tactic, but very dishonorable.

One thing that is certain is the heart of many university students across the U.S. We are a very understanding, open minded, and welcoming group of people. Because of this and the wonderful tradition of open campuses we are very vulnerable.

To all college students out there: Stay strong. Stand proud.

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