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A new study has some humorous comments at Mac owners' expense, but reveals some serious market trends

Mac users and Mac-loving analysts often use phrases like “the halo-effect” to explain increased sales of Mac computers and OS X due to iPods and iPhones.  Now, the stock market site The Street has created a humorous video analysis that offers up a new explanation for this and more commercial phenomena -- the "snob"-effect.

In the video, The Street says that on average Mac users surveyed were discovered to be “self centered, arrogant, conceited” and truly "snobs".  The site says this has many real commercial ramifications, so all jokes aside, the "snob"-factor warrants serious attention.

Mac users, apparently concerned with self-image, were found to buy tooth-whitening products at a far greater rate than PC users.  Mac users are also more likely to visit Starbucks, buy organic food, and own hybrid cars.  Furthermore, Mac users buy on average 5 new pairs of sneakers a year, well above the average for non-users. 

Mac users prefer notebooks to desktops, station wagons to SUVs.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mac users prefer "green" products, even at a higher cost.  Perhaps more surprisingly, Mac users are quite law abiding and are more likely than not to pay for music -- perhaps more due to the popularity of iTunes than their moral inclinations.  Mac users are more satisfied with their purchase than PC users.

Interestingly, people surveyed with an "open personality" were found to be 60% more likely to buy a Mac.  Some of the more esoteric observations on Mac users character are flattering, others aren't.  Mac users were found to be more liberal, socially and politically.  Mac users are also less modest and more assured of their own superiority.

The interesting part about The Street's video, is that while obvious poking a bit of fun at the Mac crowd, it does illustrate some practical market trends that can be exploited for the benefit of more effective advertising and marketing to the growing crowd of Mac, iPod, and iPhone "snobs"

Hopefully there won't be too many hurt feelings, and await a possible comment from Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs.

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RE: Really?
By spluurfg on 2/18/2008 6:19:42 PM , Rating: 4
Don't know if Mac people have more money than others, but they surely do spend more than tech savvy users, and specifically, they spend more to get things with the right looks than to get things with the right functionality.

Gee, I dunno. I'd say we non-mac users spend just as much -- we just spend it on RAM and graphics cards.

RE: Really?
By jtemplin on 2/18/2008 8:22:50 PM , Rating: 2
In support of spluurfg...I've spent plenty of money on minute aspects of my PC's performance that don't necessarily increase the subjective quality of my computing experience (it went to really fast to really freakin fast?).

Some apple users would argue the increased cost is justified by the superior interface. From my limited dealings with Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Psychologists there is a feeling that the apple OS is superior in many ways to the Windows environment.

To each his own? Nah lets make fun of them because they spent more. Thats the american way (TM).

RE: Really?
By DeepBlue1975 on 2/19/2008 9:10:14 AM , Rating: 2
Yes, but do we get a pricey video card or a pricey couple of RAM sticks just because they look cool?
Or because we want everyone to notice when we take them out of our pockets? :D

Hardcore hardware fans can spend quite a bit of money, but not even most of the PC enthusiast crowd are that hardcore or willing to spend so much on hardware(I consider myself to be an enthusiast, but I would never go for an SLI setup or for the fastest version of a kentsfield CPU or even the fastest video card available. And talking about RAM, performance improvements are so small to me that I buy the cheapest ones with a good brand name that can run good at standard fsb speeds, don't even care about the timings any longer)

Most iPod fans, for example, would swap their 6 months old iPods out for the newest one even if it doesn't promise any new functionality whatsoever. Many openly admit they just want it for the looks :D

A PC user that swaps his video card usually does so because the newest and better games don't run well on anything but the best available hardware out there.
At least that's what I think because my experience tells me so... But I might as well be wrong, you never know :D

"Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn." -- Seagate CEO Bill Watkins

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