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A new study has some humorous comments at Mac owners' expense, but reveals some serious market trends

Mac users and Mac-loving analysts often use phrases like “the halo-effect” to explain increased sales of Mac computers and OS X due to iPods and iPhones.  Now, the stock market site The Street has created a humorous video analysis that offers up a new explanation for this and more commercial phenomena -- the "snob"-effect.

In the video, The Street says that on average Mac users surveyed were discovered to be “self centered, arrogant, conceited” and truly "snobs".  The site says this has many real commercial ramifications, so all jokes aside, the "snob"-factor warrants serious attention.

Mac users, apparently concerned with self-image, were found to buy tooth-whitening products at a far greater rate than PC users.  Mac users are also more likely to visit Starbucks, buy organic food, and own hybrid cars.  Furthermore, Mac users buy on average 5 new pairs of sneakers a year, well above the average for non-users. 

Mac users prefer notebooks to desktops, station wagons to SUVs.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mac users prefer "green" products, even at a higher cost.  Perhaps more surprisingly, Mac users are quite law abiding and are more likely than not to pay for music -- perhaps more due to the popularity of iTunes than their moral inclinations.  Mac users are more satisfied with their purchase than PC users.

Interestingly, people surveyed with an "open personality" were found to be 60% more likely to buy a Mac.  Some of the more esoteric observations on Mac users character are flattering, others aren't.  Mac users were found to be more liberal, socially and politically.  Mac users are also less modest and more assured of their own superiority.

The interesting part about The Street's video, is that while obvious poking a bit of fun at the Mac crowd, it does illustrate some practical market trends that can be exploited for the benefit of more effective advertising and marketing to the growing crowd of Mac, iPod, and iPhone "snobs"

Hopefully there won't be too many hurt feelings, and await a possible comment from Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs.

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RE: Really?
By Misty Dingos on 2/18/2008 12:15:19 PM , Rating: 5
This is not news to the people that have ever walked into an Apple store. Never been in one? Well let me help you out because I am a nice person and I like to help people. My trips to the Apple Stores were because a child required an IPod. Nothing else would do. Not Zune. Not Sansa. Not anything but Holy Apple.

Let us tour the standard Apple Store. First things first, it looks like something out of a bad 70’s sci-fi movie. Every surface is frighteningly white, the attendants are all dressed identically, and the air is perfumed with Snobbery No. 5 by Steve Jobs. You are attended to according to the perceived cost of your hair cut. Do not dare mention that you use Windows at home or the attendants will pull on gloves to deal with your unsavory presence. If you make it this far, and congratulations for being so clever, after being allowed in Apple’s Staff profound presence for at least thirty minutes touring ever bit of white and chrome coated tech and agreeing with or laughing at the staff’s witticisms. You may be allowed to bask in the glory of purchasing an item from the Apple Store! This item, whether it be IPod, Mac, or even lowly ITouch will be the gateway unto a new and better existence for you. Unless it breaks, then you will have to navigate the Apple Store again but this time to deal with Apple Customer Service. They give the sales people lessons in snobbery. I will tell you about them later.

RE: Really?
By Omega215D on 2/18/2008 3:18:06 PM , Rating: 3
Despite having the biker look (probably because I rode in a Kawasaki cruiser) the people at the Apple store have been nice to me regardless of my appearance and me carrying my Cowon D2 in sight didn't change a thing. Now the snobby residents of the area ( 5th Ave. near Central Park NYC) are another story.

RE: Really?
By kelmon on 2/19/2008 3:11:50 AM , Rating: 2
Maybe this is just the US stores - the UK ones are wonderful. I honestly can't think of other stores where the staff take so much time to find out what you like and want to do with a computer, or where they'll even talk you out of making a purchase if the item isn't right for you. Basically, your experience is definitely not universal, particularly since all the surfaces appear to be beechwood in the ones that I've been to rather than white.

Funny stuff, mind.

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