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Panasonic's 32GB SDHC Media  (Source: Panasonic Corp.)
With great speed comes great capacity in Panasonic's new SDHC offering

A few days ago, SanDisk announced a 32GB SDHC flash media which boasted not only the highest capacity on the market, but also the fastest speeds -- the Ultra II 32GB SDHC memory card will have a maximum read rate of 15 MB/sec and a write rate of 10 MB/sec.

Today, SanDisk does not have the fastest 32GB SDHC card on the block as Panasonic has announced its own 32GB SDHC flash media within the Class 6 speed bracket. There are 3 classes of speed associated with SDHC cards. Class 2 specifications list transfer rates of at least 2 MB/sec or higher, Class 4 specifies a speed of 4 MB/sec and up, and a Class 6 memory card would have speeds of over 6 MB/sec.

Though SanDisk's recently announced product falls under the Class 6 specifications, Panasonic's RP-SDV32GU1K 32GB SDHC card boasts maximum data transfer rates of up to 20 MB/sec under optimal conditions. It also states, since this 32GB card is manufactured using industrial-grade memory, the RP-SDV32GU1K can withstand a wider range of temperatures; -13 F to 185 F as opposed to 32 F to 158F of typical consumer-grade SDHC media.

Panasonic's RP-SDV32GU1K will be available in April, according to the press release, and will be aimed at shooters of high-definition video and professional photography. Pricing has been set at a whopping $700, twice the amount of SanDisk's 32GB offering.

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RE: price point
By hadifa on 2/13/2008 5:19:43 PM , Rating: 2
... aimed at shooters of high-definition video ...

RE: price point
By Samus on 2/14/2008 2:52:01 AM , Rating: 2
Right, my JVC records directly to SDHC, and my 4GB fills up fast (30 minutes) so 32GB could record full length movies with no interuption, great for bootlegers ;)

RE: price point
By marsbound2024 on 2/14/2008 10:25:33 AM , Rating: 2
Good call-out on that one. It will certainly be a welcome addition for those prosumers/professionals looking to store a couple of hours of high-definition content on a SDHC card if their camera only supports that card format. Of course then I start to wonder about cameras with CF, or better yet, internal hard drives. I do suppose each has its advantages and disadvantages though, but at the initial cost (the cost of some pretty decent cameras... maybe not for pro use though), if I were to buy a camera today, I'd probably go with one that did not use flash memory... but for my every day usage I wouldn't mind as I could settle with lower capacity flash memory for my digital videos (not necessarily high def).

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