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Just a few years ago, a 1GB HD set me back nearly $900

Memory has always been a sticker for Windows upgrades. Each time Microsoft prepares for an OS release, memory and storage companies wait in anticipation because more memory is always required. Industry insiders however, predict that with Windows Vista, memory will not play as big of a role as it has been for the last several years. Instead, storage capacity will be the number one concern.

With HD video, music, and saving broadcasts to disk becoming ever popular, this trend wouldn't be much of a surprise. Hard drives of all types have become extremely affordable and knowing Windows, hard drive capacity requirements will always be high. Despite this, manufacturers are beginning to build systems that offer capacities in excess of 500GB with some systems shipping with over 1TB off the shelf.

In an interview with Voodoo PC, the manufacturer says that it may begin to ship systems with up to 8TB of storage, possibly with a sticker price of $8,000 to $9,000.

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$9,000 or a DVR
By osalcido on 3/1/2006 5:15:40 PM , Rating: 0
what makes them think they can charge 8 or 9 thousand dollars for something that a DVR can do at a fraction of the price? what about blue-ray or HD-DVD Recorders in the near future?

Anyways, I thought microsoft was going to disallow any type of recording on vista via DRM?

Not just DVR function
By lennylim on 3/1/2006 5:24:10 PM , Rating: 2
I'd imagine the main reason for so much HDD space for storing video is if you're editing or creating content, not just recording off the air / cable / satellite.

What about Blu Ray? Dual layer 12cm Blu Ray discs can store 50GB per disc.

RE: Not just DVR function
By latrosicarius on 3/2/2006 12:49:31 AM , Rating: 1
I thought they were going to be 13 cm or some crazy sh**. Just enough to NOT fit in a 5.25 bay drive.

anywho, you gotta be careful with some of these things like ordering a butt load of HDD space b/c most current operating systems don't support arrays over 4TB.

I got about 1.5TB now, soon to be upgrading cuz of so much music & videos

RE: $9,000 or a DVR
By Motley on 3/1/2006 5:39:56 PM , Rating: 2
The fact that your DVR runs out of space after 4-6 hours of HiDef content? And blueray and HD-DVD Recorders? Those are good for 2-3 hours. Of course my DVR can't play games, balance my checkbook, or browse the web (very well atleast).

RE: $9,000 or a DVR
By spwrozek on 3/1/2006 5:48:20 PM , Rating: 2
You have to take into consideration that it is still a computer. I had a DVR for a while and you can record and play back and that is about it. The way Voodoo builds PC's I am sure you could realistically be doing a TON more stuff then using it as a DVR. It may sound steep to you but I would bet that, since I am sure it is an HTPC, Voodoo is using its own custom cooling. Most likely water cooled cpu and gpu since you would want the machine to be quiet. It is also in no crappy dell case, You are going to have a great CPU and GPU and MOBO. They do not put crap into their machines. They are going to setup the raid for you. All your programs installed and it will be completely stable. Can you do it cheaper by yourself? Sure, but you have to do that all by yourself and deal with noise and the raid and they give you a year of support.

RE: $9,000 or a DVR
By jkresh on 3/1/2006 5:58:35 PM , Rating: 2
Most dvr's can only record a few hours of hd, 8tb's could hold hundreds of hours, which no consumer dvr can currently do. Plus as others have said it’s also a high quality pc so it’s silly to compare the two. Another thing to consider is if it uses current 500gig drives then its using 16 hard drives, which requires a rather large case, and with a retail price over $300 per drive, then 8-9 grand for the machine doesn’t sound so bad (with nearly 5grand in the drives alone). I don’t expect it to be mainstream at that price, but I can certainly see uses for it (having both 2 comcast hd dvrs and a mce system with 1.1tb’s of space, I know how fast it can get used if you are recording in hd).

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