Images from the upcoming 3DMark Vantage benchmark

DirectX 10 and Windows Vista required for 3DMark Vantage

Could Futuremark Games be working on a space game?
Game developers leads to benchmark maker leads to another game developer

In recent years, Futuremark’s 3DMark benchmark has been a utility not only to measure the performance of PC hardware, but it’s also been a tool to help show off the latest in graphics technology.

Many times after viewing 3DMark’s manufactured game demo benchmarks, which simulate different game genres such as first-person shooters and racers, I often wondered what would happen if the talent behind the 3DMark demo would apply its technology to a full PC game.

Late last month, Futuremark announced that it intends to pursue game development with the formation of Futuremark Game Studios. The new company is already working on a PC title that features the latest technologies while also promising that its game will run on modest systems.

Interestingly enough, Futuremark itself was born out of game developer talent. Remedy, best (and and perhaps only) known for its outstanding Max Payne series, branched its Final Reality program to the benchmark tool Futuremark. It’s unclear if Remedy, now working on Alan Wake, still has any interest in Futuremark, and by extension, the new game studio.

One thing’s for sure, if the upcoming game from Futuremark Game Studios uses any similar technology to the one powering the next benchmark (see new 3DMark screens right), then it’ll look stunning on the right PC.

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