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They did not sign in blood, Google's top brass pledge an oath of service to their company

One traditional problem area for big companies is the issue of executive turnover.  A shining example of this is Yahoo, who over the Summer had to install a new CEO, Jerry Yang, and now faces buyout and the resignation of its chairman, Terry Semel

Competitor Google is aware of this potential pitfall, and its top executives are determined to do everything in their power to run a steady ship.  In an interview with Fortune magazine, which is set to run February 4,

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Of course they do...
By iFX on 2/2/2008 7:13:36 PM , Rating: 2
Things are going well, they have all become millionaires. They have no reason to leave and it gives stock holders "piece of mind". Will they actually stay for 20 years? Who knows, maybe if the cash keeps flowing in like it is now.

If Google starts to do poorly and goes into the red for several years in a row these guys will bail ship just like any other corporate executive, plain and simple.

Everyone always makes big claims when things are going well.

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