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Skype's decision to release Intel-only features on its newest software refresh may have been a poor idea

Last month we wrote a small piece about the upcoming Skype 2.0 features that are only enabled for Intel processors.  AMD is hoping to add another spear to its ranks by demanding Skype documents that prove or disprove Intel provided incentives to Skype for this favor.  Intel denies the allegations

A Skype executive declined to comment earlier this month when asked whether the company had tested the performance of its software on both Intel's and AMD's dual-core chips. An Intel representative confirmed that there are no instructions that specifically enhance the performance of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software like Skype's in Intel's dual-core chips.

This is not the first time this year for an AMD-Intel legal battle.  AMD has been building anti-trust cases against Intel in Japan, the US and Korea for over a year, claiming that Intel leverages its buyers and distributors to not carry AMD products.  Of course, AMD's 21.4% marketshare is looking pretty good to the company right now, monopoly or not. 

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RE: gg
By Jackyl on 3/1/2006 9:49:11 AM , Rating: 2
I certainly know that Nvidia pays for game developers to optimize for their cards. This has been going on for years. Nvidia also pays for development cost and advertising of some games. Remember Unreal Tournament 2003/2004? Plastered with Nvidia all over the place. Start the game, and you get a Nvidia ad that says "It plays better on Nvidia". I hate it. If I have an ATI card in my system, I sure don't want to see Nvidia ads, or ANY ads in a game.

RE: gg
By jamori on 3/1/2006 1:43:54 PM , Rating: 2
The difference with NVIDIA's 'best on NVIDIA' program is that they work with the developers to ensure that the game has been thoroughly tested on all [reasonably recent] NVIDIA hardware and that it works and plays well. It's like a certification stamp -- we guarantee that this software will run correctly on NVIDIA products.

This thing with Intel and Skype, though, is that rather than making sure that the Skype conference software runs well on Intel hardware, they are [allegedly] paying Skype to make sure that it doesn't run well on AMD hardware.

This would be more akin to Microsoft paying some motherboard manufacturer to make sure your system gets underclocked by 50% whenever you're running Linux.

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