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IBM clarifies that it is not releasing LotusNotes for the iPhone at its upcoming LotusSphere conference

Earlier this week, DailyTech provided coverage of Apple's record setting fiscal first quarter, which was thanks, in part, to growing acceptance of its iPhone among business circles.  There was growing rumors that there would be even more good news for business-oriented iPhone users, as several sources close to IBM claimed that the electronics giant was about to release a version of its Lotus Notes business email suite on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Now IBM is making it expressly clear that while such a product is in the works, it will not be releasing it at IBM's LotusSphere conference next week, as previously anticipated.  An IBM spokesperson spoke with ZDNet Australia, stating, "It's not something that (is) ready to go out and market or launch."

The spokesperson, when questioned about why the rumors started up, attributed them to an earlier demonstration of the upcoming software. 

This official statement from IBM contradicts the Associated Press report that started the buzz this week.  The Associated Press report claimed that the software would be released at LotusSphere and would be available free of charge via download to users with an active Lotus Web-access license or for a yearly fee for new customers.

The software was supposed to drive further business sales of the iPhone, but whether users even care about this revelation remains to be seen.  Some analysts remain skeptical that the hip iPhone and the somewhat droll world of Lotus Notes even overlap in terms of user base.  Says Kevin McIsaac, an analyst at research firm IBRS, "I can't really imagine someone who's really hip and cool--like an iPhone user--wanting to use Lotus Notes."

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RE: Analysts...
By bethereornot on 2/1/2008 11:58:00 AM , Rating: 2
I hate to break it to you, but the 50% quote, comes from Microsoft about corp. email accounts. So that means the number is probably much higher, but for LN not MS. I have found any time MS is willing to admit something is OK, that means it is GREAT. So there virus targeted exchange product is the reason that LN has at least 50% in the corp. world. Plus, if a person wants to activate there LN account on there Iphone, they don't have to have a LN client for it. They just need to be able to ask the local administrator to hook them up with email to go to there iphone. But I agree with some of the other users on here, the blackberry is way ahead of the iphone or any other phone doing email worldwide. If they didn't say it just like that, I am now saying it. Blackberry is way ahead of IPhone for email. Keep your iphone as a techy toy but when you go to work, take the BB.

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