Sales shift further in Blu-ray Disc's favor after Warner's announcement

Warner’s announcement at CES 2008 regarding its high-definition allegiance appears to have an immediate effect on the buying tendencies of the consumer market.

Throughout 2007, Blu-ray Disc sales have consistently outsold HD DVD by a factor of around double; but starting the week coinciding with CES 2008 up to January 13, those numbers shifted noticeably further in Blu-ray Disc’s favor.

According to numbers from Nielsen, reported by Home Media Magazine, Blu-ray Disc sales were 85 percent of the high-definition split. The 85/15 split between the two rival formats represented the largest gulf yet, according historical data charted in the High-Def Digest forums.

Of the top ten best-selling high-definition movies for the week, all were Blu-ray Disc. For the major new releases on each format, 3:10 To Yuma on Blu-ray Disc and The Kingdom on HD DVD, the former outsold the later by ten-fold.

Although Warner will continue to release HD DVD product through May, the movie company has already put into action its separation plans.

The Invasion (Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig) was originally slated for a January 29 release on both formats, but now the HD DVD version has been pushed back three weeks to February 19. The Blu-ray Disc version retains the original January 29 date.

An even bigger delta will hit The Assassination of Jesse James (Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck), which will release on HD DVD on March 19, while the Blu-ray Disc will street on February 5.

Even older movies from Warner’s catalog will see a staggered release. Twister (Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton) will touch down on Blu-ray Disc on May 6, with the HD DVD version on May 27. The late May release for Twister could grant it with the trivia of being the first DVD pressed and last HD DVD released from Warner Bros.

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