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A new performance enhancing drug hits the market; for gamers

Tomarni, a small German enthusiast PC builder, caught gamers eyes late last year when it released a brand of ultra-quiet "stealth" computers that were highly-configurable and could sport top-end configurations.  Now Tomarni is making news with gamers in a new, different, and a tad bit weird way: drugs.

The company is incredibly excited about its new drugs, which are specifically formulated for professional gamers looking for an edge.  The drugs were developed through a partnership with the Free University Berlin.  Tomarni is marketing the pills under the trade name FpsBrain.  

Tomarni is very secretive about exactly what is in its literally mind-altering pills, but it will say its not traditional stimulants. 

Traditionally gamers have relied on substances such as stimulants such as nicotine, ginseng, coffee, or guarana to increase their reaction speeds.  However these drugs also leave the user twitchy and dehydrated.  Supplementing such regiments with Berocca and other hangover meds is anecdotally stated to help decrease the dehydration, but many drug using pro-gamers struggle to deal with its effects.  Some gamers have even allegedly turned to using controlled substances adderol or amphetamines, which can have even more severe effects, aside from the pertinent legal issues.

Tomarni says that its pills deliver a similar effect to traditional stimulants -- heightened focus, but do so without the shakiness and dehydration.  They are manufactured in Germany and contain only "internationally tested and approved" ingredients.

All the employees of Tomarni take the pills at least four times a week, according to the company's press release sent to DailyTech.  This helps their employees be more productive as well as gain an edge when gaming.

The pills are being distributed by Tomarni in a bottle containing 60 capsules including a 110 percent money-back-guarantee.  The bottle retails for €19.90 (about $30).

The professional gaming industry is evolving into a big money business, with teams of salaried professional players competing on U.S. TV and pro-gamers in South Korea earning $100,000 or more a year.  Advertiser revenue is starting to flow into the field.

It should be interesting to see as the sport legitimize how it deals with the thorny issues of performance enhancing drug use and their repercussions in terms of fairness and user health.  Who knows, perhaps the pro-gaming industry may become the next Major League Baseball and turn a blind eye to the topic until a big ugly crisis is staring it in the face.

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Uhhh... no
By MeTaedet on 1/19/2008 11:16:59 AM , Rating: 2
Guarana is a synonym for caffeine which is obviously found in coffee.

Tomarni is very secretive about exactly what is in its literally mind-altering pills, but it will say its not traditional stimulants.

Hell if I'm going to put that in me without knowing what's in it.

The pills are being distributed by Tomarni in a bottle containing 60 capsules including a 110 percent money-back-guarantee.

Cold comfort if it causes me to go insane.

Caffeine, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana, LSD, Nicotine, to some extent Ecstasy, and PCP ALL have an effect on the dopaminergic systems in the brain. Dopamine is one of the most vital of all neurotransmitters and is implicated in many of the most severe mental illnesses including Schizophrenia and Parkinson's Disease, which are two of the most insidiously neurodegenerative mental illnesses (most mental illnesses, including depression, do involve neurodegeneration of some intensity in some part of the brain). Dopamine is thought to mediate arousal, reasoning, movement, desire, motivation, pleasure, etc... Any of the prenominate drugs have been shown to have the capacity to precipitate both chronic and ephemeral cases of psychosis and exacerbate a preexisting case of psychosis or quicken a latent psychosis that would have manifested itself otherwise but at a later period.

It's hard to imagine that there could ever be a drug with a stimulant effect that weren't a dopaminergic agent of some kind. In fact, every activity that human beings find pleasureful stimulates the release of dopamine but hopefully in quantities small enough not to have a severely negative effect upon the mind, such activities as playing videogames.

So this is all to say: Unless they disclosed what's in this stimulant of theirs and the potency of the various ingredients, I wouldn't even begin to think about thinking about pondering the question of whether or not I should consider thinking about taking them.

RE: Uhhh... no
By excrucio on 1/20/2008 11:01:43 PM , Rating: 2
Guarana is actually a a great soda in Brazil. Very tasty i must say.

I drink just about 1 bottle of Cocacola a day, yeah i know its terrible i might die tomorrow because my inside just got rotten away. maybe not.

but caffeine has almost no affect on me anymore. maybe ill get to the age of 30 and ill die from heart complications or something...

but yeah..i think if you need the pills to play the damn video games, you aren't a true gamer. A gamer with natural abilities to focus and out think its opponent is the great player.

Like every sport, we should now start checking players for stimulants. Besides caffeine and guarana. All that other tourine crap shud be checked.

I play quake 4 and i need no damn drinks to keep me focused.

RE: Uhhh... no
By fxyefx on 1/21/2008 12:56:01 AM , Rating: 2
A small note - I think you're thinking of guranine, which is just the word used for caffeine when it comes from guarana. Guarana itself, though, is a different plant. It does contain quite a lot of caffeine, (like cacao, coffee, or tea plants) but has other substances, like theobromine, which could have different cognitive and metabolic effects than caffeine would by itself.

My personal experience with guarana extract versus coffee is that guarana has a much more gradual decrease in its stimulant effect. Coffee, on the other hand, comes down pretty fast and hard. :-D I attribute this to the unique combinations of other compounds in them, beyond just the caffeine itself.

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