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Windows Vista on only 39 percent of new PCs in 2007

Bill Gates’ keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 revealed a rather startling statistic with regards to the sales and acceptance performance of Windows Vista.

Gates told the audience that Windows Vista has sold more than 100 million copies since the operating system’s launch in January 2007. When comparing pure numbers against Windows XP, which sold only 89 million copies in its first year, Windows Vista appears to be a hit – but looking at the big picture sheds a different sort of light on the matter.

With the PC market at nearly twice the size today as it was in 2001, InformationWeek surmises that Windows Vista captured around 39 percent of the new PC market in its first year, while Windows XP managed to grab 67 percent of the new PC market during its initial period.

The rather lukewarm response to Windows Vista must be troubling for Microsoft. In response to customers with cold feet on the new OS, Dell in April 2007 brought back the option for its customers to choose Windows XP. Microsoft then took things another step further by allowing OEMs to downgrade Windows Vista Business and Ultimate installations to Windows XP.

In December 2007, PC World named Windows Vista the #1 Biggest Tech Disappointment of 2007.

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By mechBgon on 1/8/2008 4:30:14 PM , Rating: 0
Likewise, you'd have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not have noticed that WinXP's ageing security architecture has glaring shortcomings, starting with the fact that WinXP makes everyone an Admin by default and runs their apps with full Admin-level power by default. Ripe for exploit. Vista has proven substantially more secure in the lab (see ) and in the real world (see ), especially when comparing a default out-of-the-box configuration of Vista v. WinXP.

Typical protest: "Oh, but *I* have antivirus and a firewall." However, it seems likely that most of the WinXP SP2 systems noted in the SIR probably have them as well, and yet WinXP SP2 is still ~250% more likely to have malware detected by the Malicious Software Removal Tool, compared to Vista. Yeah I know... lies, dasm lies, and statistics... ;) but you see the point, right?

Additional interesting reading: "malvertising," the covert planting of exploit-laced Flash banners on advertising networks, which could be served on sites we'd expect to be safe. Gives a bit of insight on how crafty and resourceful the bad guys are nowdays.

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