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Samsung doubles its SSD capacity

Two months ago, Samsung announced its new SATA II-based 64GB solid-state disk (SSD). The 64GB SSD promised read speeds of 120MB/sec and write speeds of 100MB/sec.

Today, Samsung is doubling the capacity of its latest SATA II SSD offering to 128GB. Instead of relying on single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory, the new 128GB offering makes use of multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash.

Unfortunately, performance dropped with the new 128 SSD -- read speeds are down to 100MB/sec while write speeds hover at 70MB/sec.

“Our SSD can be used by the widest range of corporate notebooks, particularly where additional storage is needed beyond what is typical in most business applications,” said Jim Elliott, director of flash memory marketing for Samsung Semiconductor.

Samsung's new 128GB SSD pales in comparison to BiTMICRO's massive 832GB SSD which was recently announced. Samsung, however, has the advantage when it comes to availability and pricing. Samsung's 128GB SSD will be available in the first half of 2008 with pricing of at least a couple thousand dollars.

BiTMICRO's 832GB SSD, on the other hand, won't be mass produced until the latter half of 2008 and will likes cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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RE: Performance not capacity
By Alexstarfire on 1/6/2008 8:16:36 PM , Rating: 2
Well that's too bad for you. Including all the essentials, being the OS, PF, programs, and Documents and Settings folder I easily clock in at under 10GB, probably in the 5-6GB range. I have XP Pro though.

RE: Performance not capacity
By iwod on 1/6/2008 9:47:05 PM , Rating: 2
Me too. With XP, You have Windows @ 2GB, Page file with 2Gb
Office, AntiVius, some Adobe Suit etc @ 4Gb.
Let say some Documents, Photos, cache, user files, Internet offline file... @ 10Gb.

That still only add up to 18Gb. Plus Another 2Gb for Buffer Zone up to 20Gb.

That is still 12Gb left. So long as you dont store all the mp3s, movies / video, games etc 32Gb is plenty of space for a Main HD.

Of course Vista is a different Matter. And will put on another 4 - 6Gb.

I suppose many are worry about 32Gb being on the borderline.
48Gb or 64Gb would be much better.

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