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NVIDIA's D9M makes its first appearance on corporate roadmaps

NVIDIA's newest mid-range processor, codenamed D9M, will make its official debut as the GeForce 9600 GT.

Corporate guidance from NVIDIA lists the initial GeForce 9600 GT shipments come stock with a 650 MHz core clock and a 1625 MHz unified shader clock.  Unlike the G84 core found on GeForce 8600 GT, D9M will feature a 256-bit memory bus interface.  Coupled with a 900 MHz memory clock, NVIDIA calculates the memory bandwidth at 57.6 GB/s. 

The texture fill rate is estimated at 20.8 billion pixels per second.  The company would not indicate how many shaders or stream processors reside on the D9M core. 

Late last year, NVIDIA confirmed the D9 family will use TSMC's 65nm process node.  The company introduced its first 65nm processor shrink in November 2007: the G92

Other details of the D9M family have already surfaced.  ChileHardware published slides yesterday claiming the GeForce 9600 requires a 400W power supply that requires 26A on the 12V rail.  Unlike previous mid-range GeForce cards, the D9M will require a 6-pin supplementary power connector.

NVIDIA publicly confirmed other details of D9M: DirectX 10.1 support, Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 2.1 and PCIe 2.0 support just to name a few. 

Further documentation from NVIDIA claims the 9600 GT will also support the Quantum Effects physics processing engine. 

Like all NVIDIA processors, the GeForce 9600 is also HDCP compatible, though final support still depends on vendor implementation. 

NVIDIA declined to comment on expected price of GeForce 9600.   A representative for NVIDIA would comment that the performance increase between GeForce 9600 and GeForce 8600 is "almost double."

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RE: Wha T Evarrrr
By roadrun777 on 1/4/2008 2:39:13 AM , Rating: -1
No innovation? Dude, then you obviously are so old that you can not read. There was a fairly substantial bit of innovation that occured when the Geforce 8 series cards came out.

Yes you are correct in assuming I can't read, I have my assistant type everything I am saying in at this very moment. WOO! As far as the 8 series having substantial innovation, I don't see it. Tweaking the same predictive cache algorithm and adjusting substrate resistances, is not innovation. It's just natural progressing of the same die mold. It's nothing new. Shaders have been around for a lot longer than you give it credit for. There was an outcry by programmers that they wanted control over the pipeline functions so they could devise their own effects in software rather than have the effects hard coded, which meant that no new effects could be seen in a game until a new hardware revision came out, and it was tied to directx also. So again shader technology was predicted right from the start if you read some of the interviews with the industry insiders, you will see what I am talking about.

paradigm shift

OMG! Andromeda lover! That is a dirty word!

And dude, you remind me of a guy I went to college with.
when my current gen card couldnt run it flat out.

FLAT OUT! WOO! I am sorry to hear about your friend. Maybe you should have made sweet love to him and made clucking noises like a hen makes to its chicks. BUCK BUCK BUCK!
Current gen cards are not meant to run any game at decent resolutions right? So it doesn't make any sense to play current games, its better to play old games with current hardware by your logic. So why even sell games? Or...Maybe, possibly, the graphics card companies are giving estimations of their hardware capabilities to software designers and they keep over estimating their success on the performance side, so we keep seeing games that run poorly at any resolution short of 800x600, which sadly my CGA monitor can't do right now, but I have overclocked it with a 20amp car starter, so it runs really fast! WOO!
So now, go bitch and moan about how you have just purchased something that was great 5 years ago (and for some reason won't run today's stuff flat out) and play your mechwarrior game on your old DOS machine and cuddle up real close to it.....because believe is probably the only thing that loves you.

Wow! Um I haven't bought anything in 20 years, as I said I have a CGA monitor, and it runs windows 98 not DOS, so there you big bland butted baboon! I bet your butt isn't even as bright as mine! Mech Warrior RULES! aim for the head and its so cheap to repair the mech. So your saying my computer loves me? I didn't know it could do that! How do you know this? Have you touched yours inappropriately? How did you avoid the fan in the power supply? and did you use heat sink lube? Mcafee says I am virus free so I must be! WOO! So viruses could make me more intelligent? Is that like retro virus reverse transcription engineering for replication modification to increase cells which cause higher firing rates in the certain neuronal areas?

"The whole principle [of censorship] is wrong. It's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't have steak." -- Robert Heinlein
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