Dell Crystal Display Powered Up  (Source: HotHardware)

Dell Crystal Display Side View  (Source: HotHardware)
Dell pulls specifications and photos of upcoming Crystal display from its site

Dell is well known for a few things, one is as being one of the largest computer and accessory makers on the planet. The other thing Dell is widely known for is atrocious embargo leaks.

HotHardware snagged specs and images from the Dell Crystal website before the page and press release were pulled from the Dell site. That would likely mean some wayward Dell PR schlep posted the information on the display ahead of its expected release at CES 2008 starting next week.

The specifications show that the very attractive display is a 22-inch screen with 1680x1050 resolution. The display boasts TrueColor Technology with a 98% color gamut and a 2ms typical gray to gray response time.

Dell claims a 2000:1 contrast ratio and the display has several connectivity options with DVI, HDMI, subwoofer to and a USB connector. A DisplayPort connector such as the one Dell put on its recently announced 30-inch 3008 WFP display is lacking from the Crystal display. A two megapixel webcam with microphone is built-in as well.

The displays surround is made from 4mm thick tempered glass and it holds a quartet of speakers. When looked at from the front, the Dell Crystal display appears to be made entirely of glass. The effect isn’t as attractive when you see the display from the side and can tell it’s merely a standard display with a glass surround holding the speakers. The price is a whopping $1,199 and availability is unknown at this time.

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