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GeCube's low profile features a single DMS59 output
With space on the graphic card getting tight, DMS59 is on the rebound

Several years ago, NVIDIA and ATI tried to ship graphic cards with DSM59 outputs on high end adaptors with little success.  Dual Monitor System 59 (DMS59) is a 59-pin external interconnect for graphic cards.  The 59 pin cable can transmit two DVI signals at a time after which an adaptor can split the pin-out into any dual output combination of two DVI and two 15-pin D-sub outputs. 

At CeBIT 2006, GeCube will announce its low profile Radeon X1600 Pro adaptor with a single DMS59 output.  Corporate product managers from the company hinted to us that the X1600 Pro is just the first of a series of cards from GeCube that will reintroduce the DSM59 interconnect -- future plans include a dual DMS59 Radeon that would effectively allow one to connect four displays to a single card.  The Radeon X1600 to be announced does not support HDCP compatibility, but if it did the DMS59 interface would have no problem transmitting the signal we are told.

Molex owns the royalties on DMS59, which may have lead to the failure of manufacturers to adopt the interconnect standard.  With the glass ceiling of graphic card pricing constantly rising, the licensing fee for the DMS59 interface is now a considerably smaller percentage of the build cost compared to three years ago. 

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RE: just what we needed, more adaptors!
By anselhelm on 2/27/2006 5:28:13 AM , Rating: 2
There was a Spanish Inquisition of sorts. No-one expected it. There were very few surivors... such posts tend to get deleted on more professional sites.

As for connections, I agree that companies need to learn to get along to set standards. Personally I think that consumer groups should ideally help new standards if companies are going to cause issues with conflicting standards, as a matter of LAW if necessary.

But of course, we first need to change our culture of letting corporations make laws into letting laws be made by the people themselves.

RE: just what we needed, more adaptors!
By blwest on 2/27/2006 10:32:22 AM , Rating: 1
quote: such posts tend to get deleted on more professional sites.

Like ones that post this in the test of the article
but if it did teh DMS59 interface would have no problem transmitting the signal we are told.

teh....looks like our professional sites are written by 13 year olds that play too much WOW. "I am teh winnar"

By blwest on 2/27/2006 10:33:08 AM , Rating: 2

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