MC Hammer is baaaaaaaccck!

Former rap artist MC Hammer's career in the music business has been dead for a long time, but he hopes to revive it with the help of a new web site for users to go and watch and share dance videos. will try and compete with YouTube, and wants to grab a share of the estimated $27.5 billion Internet advertising market that only continues to grow.

Hammer, whose real name is Stanley Burrell, reportedly made around $33 million when he was on top of the pop world, but quickly blew the money after living a lifestyle a bit too nice for his checkbook.  Since he went bankrupt in 1996, almost $14 million in the hole, he officially fell off the face of the earth and later became a preacher and TV presenter.

The video sharing sector already is saturated with a large number of similar sites, but his name recognition alone will help give DanceJam a slight advantage over its competitors.  Geoffrey Arone is chief executive of the site, with Anthony Young serving as the chief technology officer - and both of them have high hopes for the startup once it's publicly unveiled.  To help launch DanceJam later this month, Hammer, Arone and Young claim they have up to 100 gigabytes of dance footage ready to go.

"I expect him to integrate all his knowledge into this Web site," said Ron Conway, an investor who helped financially back the web site.  "He is the lightning rod for this whole thing," he added.

Doubt the power of dance?  The "Evolution of Dance" video, the most popular video on YouTube, has more than 70 million views and 95,000 comments, which clearly proves people enjoy watching entertaining dance videos while at the PC.  

Although some analysts have been quick to point out that the road to success for DanceJam will be complicated.  "When people are looking for any video, whether it be about skateboarding, dancing or a science project, they don't stop to think about where's the best place to find it. They just start off by going to YouTube," said James McQuivey, analyst for Forrester Research.

The company hopes to publicly unveil the web site sometime in the next couple of weeks, though it should be interesting to see how many people care.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007

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