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The Federal Bureau of Investigation announces its intention to create a stronger, better, faster database using biometric data

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RE: Monitor yourselves FBI
By JohnnyCNote on 12/26/2007 8:13:09 PM , Rating: 1
Then leave the country.

The last time I checked we still have freedom of speech in the US, meaning, among other things, that we can express our disagreement with the government whenever we wish. Or is that only valid as long as those who are exercising their rights happen to agree with you?

Did it ever occur to you (and others who like to tell people to leave) that we'd prefer to work with the remedies offered by our Constitution when we happen to disagree with a particular policy or law? That is, after all, what this document's authors had in mind.

A database thats accessible nationwide by law enforcement can help speed in the identification of individuals caught by law enforcement.

We have one. It's called the National Crime Information Center, or NCIC for short. Having worked in the federal government, I can assure you that the NCIC database is about as reliable as those used by the 3 major credit reporting agencies. They tend to be run by clerks at the lower end of the pay scale and who are known to make the occasional mistake.

Perhaps instead of pulling the old "love it or leave it" cliche, you might try educating yourself on the reality of these programs . . .

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