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Chinese mainlanders will have to turn to piracy to watch the latest American blockbusters

China is blocking the import of American films, said MPAA CEO and Chairman Dan Glickman in an official statement released last week.

“Although we have not received official confirmation of such a ban from the Chinese Government or China Film, the indicators are strong that our information is correct,” read the statement. “If such action has been taken … it would represent an enormous step backwards in terms of China’s efforts to develop a strong … and legitimate film exhibition and distribution market.”

In a move that some suspect is retaliation for a recent U.S.-filed WTO complaint over China’s alarmingly high piracy rate, the Chinese government appears to have stopped granting import requests to American filmmakers -- of which it normally allows for about 20 movies per year. According to one anonymous Hollywood executive speaking to The New York Times, the Chinese government became suddenly uncooperative; filmmakers’ movie import requests for early next year have thus far been ignored, delayed, or come back denied.

“We are working with top officials in the US government, including the Treasury Secretary, as well as the Trade Representative and Secretary of Commerce, both of whom are in China at the moment,” said Glickman. “If these reports are true, it is unacceptable that China has taken this action and we will bring all our resources and leverage to bear to address this situation.”

A spokeswoman from the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, declined to comment on the so-called ban, noting that if such a ban was in place it would have been officially announced on the Administration’s web site.

American filmmakers, many of whom are betting heavily on the growing the Chinese market, say China’s restrictive stance on American movies is a direct contributor to the country’s high piracy rate. The previous 20-movie limit is “a very low number to begin with,” said U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab, “and we believe the low number contributes to the problems [we] have in intellectual property rights protection.”

A Chinese ban on American movies “would be very serious indeed,” said Schwab, who at the time was at a Strategic Economic Dialogue meeting outside Beijing. “We have spoken forcefully to our Chinese hosts.”

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RE: China
By Crank the Planet on 12/20/2007 7:03:22 PM , Rating: 3
I am going to invent a term- "Communapitalist" which is "Capitalism under Communist control." That's what China is becomming. They saw communism fail in Russia and that's why they are so stridently adopting western capitalist philosophy- only governed by strict communistic ideals. Now that they are making money- quite literally if you get my meaning :) - they will do whatever they wish. No one will tell them what to do. They will not stop stealing- anything they can. They have become a desperate country bent on doing anything they have to, to get their way (money and power.) China is becoming a world power- nay already is- because of their cheap labor force. They are becomming economically superior to every other country.
If you come out with a product, they will reverse engineer it, come out with a similar product and, using cheap components/parts and a cheap labor force they will outsell you and take your markets from you.
Nobody listened when we gave China Most Favored Nation status. Economically speaking, history will show the United States as a country, made the most dangerous mistake that an enemy country can make.
We already made that mistake before we entered World War II by selling all our scrap steel to Japan.
Not our enemy you say? Just because we are not at a physical war war with China does not mean we are not at war. We are at an Economic War right now. Last I checked they are not our ally . Last I also checked they are still bent on World Domination - and that any way they can. And last I checked they still have their nuclear missiles pointed at U.S. targets . No they didn't point them somewhere else just because Bill Clinton went over there to appease U.S. fears. They are still pointed at us.
Let's see:
1. They have stolen Top Secret Nuclear technology from several places including Lawrence Livermore Labs and Sandia National Laboratories- nothing was done to them.
2. They bought our politicians so that Top Secret technology from the Loral Space and Communications Co. could be purchased. This allows pinpoint accuracy of their missiles- nothing has been done to them.
3. Our Top Secret technology for Undetectable Silent Submarines was also sold to them. Hey they did it the American way- paid cash to purchase the whole company. The company they bought? Magnequench Inc. They can now park next to our ships undetected- nothing has been done to them.
They are stealing our top secret stuff right in front of our noses and we don't do anything about it. Are we not at war? You tell me.

Economic numbers in the above articles are wrong. If you look around you as others have mentioned, everything you see is made in China. The bulk of goods imported from China range from vitamins and pet products to electronics to household goods and appliances to clothes and furniture. The amount of goods you see around you is about 70% chinese made. Therefore to show only 13.4% on the books is grossly negligent. In actuality more than 50% of goods imported into this country today come from China. Wal-mart sells chinese products almost exclusively.
What to do to avert a real, physical war? We need to carefully shift the bulk of imported goods to come from other countries like India. As General Patton said, "We shouldn't have stopped at Germany. We should have pushed those Red B@st@rds back all the way through China."

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen

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