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Chinese mainlanders will have to turn to piracy to watch the latest American blockbusters

China is blocking the import of American films, said MPAA CEO and Chairman Dan Glickman in an official statement released last week.

“Although we have not received official confirmation of such a ban from the Chinese Government or China Film, the indicators are strong that our information is correct,” read the statement. “If such action has been taken … it would represent an enormous step backwards in terms of China’s efforts to develop a strong … and legitimate film exhibition and distribution market.”

In a move that some suspect is retaliation for a recent U.S.-filed WTO complaint over China’s alarmingly high piracy rate, the Chinese government appears to have stopped granting import requests to American filmmakers -- of which it normally allows for about 20 movies per year. According to one anonymous Hollywood executive speaking to The New York Times, the Chinese government became suddenly uncooperative; filmmakers’ movie import requests for early next year have thus far been ignored, delayed, or come back denied.

“We are working with top officials in the US government, including the Treasury Secretary, as well as the Trade Representative and Secretary of Commerce, both of whom are in China at the moment,” said Glickman. “If these reports are true, it is unacceptable that China has taken this action and we will bring all our resources and leverage to bear to address this situation.”

A spokeswoman from the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, declined to comment on the so-called ban, noting that if such a ban was in place it would have been officially announced on the Administration’s web site.

American filmmakers, many of whom are betting heavily on the growing the Chinese market, say China’s restrictive stance on American movies is a direct contributor to the country’s high piracy rate. The previous 20-movie limit is “a very low number to begin with,” said U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab, “and we believe the low number contributes to the problems [we] have in intellectual property rights protection.”

A Chinese ban on American movies “would be very serious indeed,” said Schwab, who at the time was at a Strategic Economic Dialogue meeting outside Beijing. “We have spoken forcefully to our Chinese hosts.”

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RE: China
By Darkskypoet on 12/20/2007 2:57:57 PM , Rating: 4
Come come now... Seriously... Malice doesn't enter into it, and doesn't even have to explain it.

It's called unrestricted free market capitalism at it finest.

Do you honestly think for one minute if U.S Corps could use cheap, unsafe ingredients in their products w/o being shut down or annihilated in court, that they wouldn't? BS!!

It's profit baby! Plain and simple, no malice intended, just profit.

Look at the lobbying, and continued denial of harm by cigarette manufacturers in the U.S, and abroad. Look at their behavior (amongst others) 30 years ago. CIGARETTES WERE GOOD FOR YOU!

Cigs are the tip of the iceberg, American corporate entities are no better then any other capitalist sociopathic entities whether they be in China, Laos, Korea, etc. The only difference, is that we've had our industrial revolution, and have been living in an era for the past while where by and large regulation and enforcement bodies hav ebeen up to the task of monitoring and inspecting our production / products.

THIS IS NOT THE CASE yet in China. They simply don't have the officials, programs, or bureaucracies in place yet to monitor the massive explosion of production facilities. This economy is massive, and getting larger every day. Consider the present running tally of those migrating from country side to urban workforces is larger then the total workforce in the United States.

Also realize that the numbers start to change when you realize unofficially the Chinese Population is probably well over 1.6 billion, not 1.2....

So you have a workforce about the size of the workforce in Western Europe, U.S, Australia, and Canada combined. And they aren't all in productive jobs yet. Corporate entities that until a short term ago didn't exist, and a very inexperienced regulating sector for the sudden appearance of massive private interests. (not to mention a somewhat corrupt regulating sector to boot.)

Nope, no malice needed, just capitalists seeking the lowest cost production, and no fully developed protection mechanisms to regulate such a massive market.

P.S: Greedy, lowest bidder consumers don't help either. Utility maximization w/o perfect knowledge sucks sometimes.

"If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1,200 bucks for it." -- SCEA President Jack Tretton

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