The Logitech G9  (Source: Logitech)

Razer Lachesis  (Source: Razer)
Gamers will win in 2008

As gamers get older and have more disposable income to spend on things that may seem rather silly to non-gamers, dedicated gamers are more willing to spend money on peripherals designed specifically for gaming.  With a unique mix of great video games and advancing computer hardware and peripherals, gamers will have a lot to look forward to in 2008.

It could easily be argued Razer and Logitech are at the top of the peripheral world, but neither company should let their guard down any time soon.  

Even though a number of companies have tried to crack into the market over the past several years, very few are able to break the strangle hold that Razer and Logitech unofficially have on the market.  Both companies have research and development capabilities and large enough bank rolls to give themselves a large enough advantage over everyone else in the market - but that doesn't mean companies aren't trying.  

As companies like ROCCAT enter the gaming peripheral war, gamers will hopefully benefit from quality products at lower costs.

Although the price tag on most gaming products remains high, gamers who use the products will likely tell you the gaming difference has a big enough impact to justify the cost.  If a close friend or family member is an avid gamer, perhaps a last minute gaming peripheral purchase is in order - check out some brands, read some reviews, and decide if the price tag is worth it.

I'll be one of the first people to admit that only a small number of gamers probably need to purchase the higher-end products, but if you're one of the people on the lookout for new products, 2008 should be your year.  

My gaming picks of 2007:

Best Overall:  Logitech G9:  I believe this is the best mouse on the market at the moment, but the MSRP $99 price tag will surely scare a few of you away.  The weight tuning, onboard memory and adjustable sensitivity are the additional features that give it a small edge over the Razer Lachesis.

Budget mouse:  Logitech MX518:  Even though I had a hard time listing a $39.99 mouse as a "budget gaming mouse," the Logitech MX518 is an awesome buy if you can find it on sale somewhere.  It's based on older gaming technology, but still offers better precision and comfort compared to a regular mouse most people use in the office.

If you want a mouse that is even cheaper, OCZ Technology, a company well known for its enthusiast products, has the Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse.  I like the MX518 a bit better than the Equalizer, but this mouse can be found for $25 - 30 dollars and is a decent entry-level gaming mouse.

Best Gaming Keyboard:  Unlike the current booming situation in the gaming mouse market, there are only a small number of keyboards available for gamers to select.  The winner has to be the Razer Lycosa, which trumps competing products from Zboard, Logitech and Saitek.

Budget Gaming Keyboard:  The Saitek Eclipse gaming keyboard is an oldie but a goodie.  Available for just ~$32.99 on Newegg, this keyboard offers the entry level gaming keyboard experience.

As always, since gaming products are much different than traditional peripherals, I recommend you try and find the products locally - hold and use the products before you purchase them!

Even though Logitech won both unofficial mouse awards, I believe I actively use more Razer mice than Logitech mice - though my hand seems to fit all of the Razer mice extremely well.

“And I don't know why [Apple is] acting like it’s superior. I don't even get it. What are they trying to say?” -- Bill Gates on the Mac ads

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