UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, at the Bali Climate Conference
Scientists warn of "tragic" results

Over 100 scientists have signed an open letter to UN Secretary Ban-Ki Moon, warning that the UN is taking humanity in a "tragic" direction with its attempts to blame humanity for climate change.

The letter reads in part, "In stark contrast to the often repeated assertion that the science of climate change is 'settled,' significant new peer-reviewed research has cast even more doubt on the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming."  
The letter raps the IPCC for portraying its climate reports as a "consensus among thousands of scientists," when in reality only a "small core writing team" was responsible for the report text.   It warns that attempts to cut emissions are a "tragic" misallocation of resources that are likely to increase human suffering from climate change, rather than reduce it.
The list of signatories on the letter includes such well known names as physicist Freeman Dyson, Dr. Antonio Zichichi, president of the World Federation of Scientists, Dr. Reid Bryson, known as the "Father of Meteorology,"  pioneering atmospheric scientist Hendrik Tennekes, MIT professor Richard Lindzen and over 100 others.  Most are working in climatology, physics, geology, or a related field; many are present or former IPCC expert reviewers themselves.  
The scientists also blame the IPCC for instructing its working groups to ignore recent research studies on climate, which meant the report's conclusions were outdated even before they were published. 
Copies of the letter were also sent to heads of major world nations.  A full list of the scientists who signed can be found here.  
The letter comes as UN representatives are gathered in Bali for a conference to promote awareness on climate change.   The AP reports that a "global carbon tax" is being advocated by panel members at the conference. 

In April, the AP reported that  52 scientists were involved in the writing of the IPCC's final climate report, along with "diplomats from 115 different nations."

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