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Boeing progresses forward with the development of its airborne laser program

Boeing is working on a devastating new weapon which could strike fear into the eyes of all American enemies. The company is progressing at a rapid pace on its 12,000-pound airborne laser.

The Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) was installed into a C-130H gunship and Boeing is on track to begin in-flight tests of the weapon next year. Ground targets will be neutralized via the ATL which is incorporated into a rotating turret on the C-130H's belly.

The ATL is seen as a precise, high-power weapon that will result in less civilian causalities on the battlefield. Due to the nature of the laser being used, targets can be destroyed or disabled with extremely low levels of collateral damage. Boeing claims that the ATL is thus capable of being used on traditional battlefields or in more treacherous urban fighting.

"The installation of the high-energy laser shows that the ATL program continues to make tremendous progress toward giving the warfighter a speed-of-light, precision engagement capability that will dramatically reduce collateral damage," said Boeing Missile Defense Systems VP and GM Scott Fancher. "Next year, we will fire the laser at ground targets, demonstrating the military utility of this transformational directed energy weapon."

The ATL was developed in conjunction with Boeing’s Airborne Laser (ABL) which is fitted to a 747-400F freighter. While the ATL is aimed at destroying ground targets, the ABL is destined to fire upon ballistic missiles.

Boeing's ABL was deemed ready for flight testing in late October 2006 and successfully fired its targeting lasers at an airborne target on March 15, 2007. Boeing hopes to fire its high-energy laser at a ballistic missile in 2009.

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RE: Less collateral damage
By nayy on 12/14/2007 8:57:16 AM , Rating: -1
And yes, its noble to kill those who wish to bring harm to the innocent
... as long as certain people can make profit out of it.

There, I fixed it for you.

China's policies goes against many of the things that the US "Stands for", and is also the most populated contry in the world, so why America doesn't do anything about it?
A. Comercial relations with China bring a lot of money to the US
B. It's been decades since the US attacked anyone with a real chance of striking back.

A war with China obviously goes against America's best interests, so not having one is a great thing. Just don't give me the "we are the good guys of the world" crap, because Americas foreing policies, as they should, are only concerned with the wellbeing of the US in the long run, just as those of many other countries.

RE: Less collateral damage
By Master Kenobi on 12/14/2007 10:23:13 AM , Rating: 2
In general a war with China would cause us to lose more than we gain, likewise the same goes for China going to war with us. That is why, while we disagree on many things, we aren't going to kill each other. No net gain.

RE: Less collateral damage
By FITCamaro on 12/14/2007 10:28:03 AM , Rating: 2
while we disagree on many things, we aren't going to kill each other

Yet. There eventually will be a war with China.

And yes, we haven't attacked China largely because it would be a world war.

RE: Less collateral damage
By Master Kenobi on 12/14/2007 10:37:09 AM , Rating: 2
Strong possibility, but not sure how it's going to be played out just yet. Might be a space based war.

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