Apple offers Hatchette pre-orders on its iBookstore for $9.99

Amazon is in a bit of a price negotiation tussle with book publisher Hatchette, and as a result Amazon customers looking to pre-order Hatchette titles have been caught in the middle.
Seeing a prime opportunity to kick a little dirt in Amazon’s eyes during this ensuing fight, Apple is offering a number of Hatchette books for pre-order on its iBookstore for $9.99 each.

While Apple extending an olive branch to Amazon customers is admirable, it’s also self-serving. eBooks bought from the iBookstore are only available on Apple’s devices (iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.). Amazon’s eBooks, however, are available for viewing on Kindle eReaders and tablets; Windows and Mac computers; and on mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
Hatchette was among the publishers that settled with the DOJ over allegations of eBook price fixing. Apple reached its own settlement agreement with the DOJ this week in an effort to avoid up to an $840 million fine.

Sources: Apple, Re/code

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