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New tower may house smart home prototypes and other demo areas to show off iPhone 6 and iWatch features

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) is building a secret three-story tower to accomodate part of its Tuesday, Sept. 9 event.  The event is expected to welcome both the iPhone 6 (possibly with multiple screen sizes) and the long-awaited iWatch.  But it's tough to keep a three story building secret for long.

In the past Apple primarily used convention centers -- typically the Moscone Center in nearby San Francisco, Calif.  Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has branched out, exploring other venues for launch events.  For the Sept. 9 unveil, though, it's holding its press event at the De Anza College, a local community college in Apple's hometown of Cupertino, Calif.

The main event will be held at De Anza's Flint Center for the Performing Arts, a site that late Apple CEO and cofounder Steven P. Jobs used to unveil the Mac computer at in 1984.  The center seats up to 2,000 people -- which seems more than ample for a typical Apple press event.

Three decades later, Apple appears to be not only preparing for theatrics, but potentially some surprises.  According to MacRumors it is constructing a "massive" three-story structure on the De Anza to be used in addition to the Flint Center in the event.  The structure is reportedly still being built and is tightly guarded.

Apple iPhone launch building

When asked about the structure, campus officials told MacRumors:

We are not at liberty to discuss that due to client wishes.

iPhone 6 building

The building is rumored to be an expansion of sorts to the Flint Center (according to local commenters) and is being built adjacent to the "Sunken Garden" outdoor installation.

iPhone 6 event location

Flint Center event

Flint Center

Some have speculated that it could be used to take members of the media through rooms of "smart appliances" which use Apple's new iOS 8 "HomeKit" API.  The building might also include an indoor basketball court or other workout rooms to show off live demonstrations of the iWatch's sports-geared capabilities.  Who knows, maybe Kobe Bryant and other Apple iWatch partner athletes might show up.

[All images courtesy of MacRumors and its commenters]

Source: MacRumors

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