My personal favorite internet April Fools' joke.  (Source: Personal stash of Tom Corelis)

YouTube: You're so funny!
It's never going to give you up, never gonna let you down

April 1 is truly a special day for the internet masses, as webmasters everywhere find creative ways to have fun with their viewers.

Out of all the April Fools' pranks out there, my favorite is a remake that did to its front page a couple years ago, where The Home of the Hardcore Gamer became the Home of the Technologically-inclined Fashionista. I think the beauty of this particular prank -- and the reason behind why I love it so much -- is that it really, truly got me: at the time I wasn't aware the date was April 1, and the site's webmasters had historically never done anything special for the holiday. My surprise was indeed pleasant, and I quickly archived the site for later use.

YouTube, however, may have stolen my affinity for FiringSquad's take on Cosmopolitan: visitors clicking on any of the featured links are officially, shamelessly, and beautifully rickrolled -- introducing the masses, the fun way, into one of the greatest (yes, that's a subjective judgment on my part -- feel free to disclaim this in the comment section but realize that you're wrong) internet memes of all time.

Of course, the good folks at Google (owners of YouTube) are no stranger to such hijinks, and the same spoiled, eccentric minds that bring you Klingon-language search and Closed Caption search were just as busy on April Fools' prior: last year we were introduced to Google TiSP (Toilet ISP) and a few years before that, "Pin All Your Romantic Hopes on" Google Romance service.

Honestly, I wish more people and companies would participate in this great holiday. How awesome would it be to see a fake Microsoft announcement that it was abandoning Windows and porting all it's software to Mac, or Linux? One can hope -- after all Microsoft has demonstrated that it is at least capable of humor, even if it only shows it occasionally.

The fanboys and fangirls might disagree, but I think the Internet's public front is too serious of a place. Perhaps it's all the money flying around, but most internet -- and by internet, I mean corporate, since business is where all the money's at -- attempts at humor are just so... corporate. What the internet needs is a little bit more old-fashioned tomfoolery, if anything just to watch the clueless wonder what's going on, and then laugh with us when we tell them what's up.

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