In addition, about 60 hours of video is now uploaded to YouTube each minute, which is an increase from the 48 hours of video uploaded each minute back in May 2011

From music videos to TV shows to clips of cats playing the piano, YouTube is a place where video enthusiasts and bored Internet users alike can find free entertainment. It seems many Web surfers are finding their way to the site lately, as YouTube recently reached the point of streaming 4 billion online videos daily.

YouTube is a video-sharing website initially created and owned by three former PayPal employees in 2005, but was purchased by Google Inc. in 2006 for $1.65 billion. It currently operates as a subsidiary of Google and offers a wide range of user-generated video content.

Since the explosion of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, YouTube has gained some serious viewership. In fact, Google recently announced that the site streams 4 billion online videos every day. This represents a 25 percent increase over the past eight months. 

In addition, about 60 hours of video is now uploaded to YouTube each minute, which is an increase from the 48 hours of video uploaded each minute back in May 2011. Google also mentioned that its display ads running with the YouTube videos are generating $5 billion in revenue annually.

YouTube has been moving up in the internet video ranks by adding 100 original programming deals. Even the talent on the site is being taken seriously, with some making six-figure incomes.

Sources: Tech Crunch, Reuters

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