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Yahoo launched a new service today that allows users to help choose Yahoo home page content

Readers of blogs and many technology news sites like DailyTech are familiar with the different services that allow readers to submit stories they find interesting. Any owner of a website that has had their content put up on sites such as Digg knows the kind of traffic this sort of content promotion can generate.

EWeek reports that Yahoo introduced a new service today called Yahoo Buzz. Buzz allows consumers to vote and uncover the most popular content on the web.

Yahoo says that the most voted on stores will be considered for editorial placement on the Yahoo home page. According to Alexa, the Yahoo homepage is the second most visited page on the Internet right now.

According to Yahoo, the buzz can be about anything from a story on a major new site to an extraordinary bit from an obscure site or an intriguing video. Stories are ranked on their Buzz Score -- which is derived from search term popularity -- the number of times the story is emailed from Buzz and the number of votes a story receives.

The service sounds a lot like Digg or Technorati with the major difference being that even with Yahoo’s stock sinking and it trying to fend off a takeover by Microsoft, the company still generates a huge amount of traffic that other sites offering similar services can only dream to match.

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