Xbox One updates add USB keyboard support and more

If you own an Xbox One game console Microsoft has announced that the console will receive some new updates, with the first rolling out on February 11. Microsoft has already stated that the Xbox One will receive continuous updates for functionality and new features during its lifetime, just like its predecessor.
The update on February 11 will give the user the ability to see and manage storage space. The update will also bring back the battery power indicator allowing gamers to see on the home screen how much battery power is left on the controller.
Another nice addition is the ability to use a USB keyboard with the Xbox One (this will be a big boon for those that like to chat with the console).

Rumored Titanfall Edition of the Xbox One [Source: The Verge]
On March 4, another set of updates will begin rolling out. The March 4 update will include improvements to the party and multiplayer systems. The updates are designed to coincide with the anticipated game Titanfall and promise to make the game one of the most important of the year.
More details on other features will be offered in the coming weeks. Microsoft also says that it has several other surprises in store for gamers.

Source: Xbox

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